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RMIT launches cyber-ready innovation centre, eyes supercomputing in the cloud


The Melbourne-based university has joined AWS' global Cloud Innovation Centre program and will focus on real-world cybersecurity challenges.


AWS CEO Andy Jassy: Trump's 'disdain' for Amazon influenced DOD's JEDI decision


Jassy suggested the DOD's decision to grant its $10B cloud contract to Microsoft was tainted by politics, potentially putting national security at risk.


Canonical now offers AWS optimized Ubuntu Linux


Canonical has brought premium Ubuntu Pro Linux images to Amazon Web Services, which come with extended maintenance, broader security coverage, and critical compliance features.


Avoid ransomware by moving to the cloud, says AWS Public Sector boss


AWS has also used re:Invent to launch an open source catalogue for its government customers to share and consume best practices when operating in the cloud.


EU gets a bit STRESSED out about 5G: With great economic benefits come great security risks


Yes, in all-caps


Azure DevOps Services Losing Support for Alternate Credentials


Microsoft gave notice last week that it's going to drop Alternate Credentials support for authenticating users of its Azure DevOps Services. 12/03/2019


Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup


Exclusive From 'boy genius' to 'oh boy'


UK parcel firm Yodel plugs tracking app's random yaps about where on map to snap up strangers' tat


Shipped from expensive shop X? In the shed, you say? Researcher spots badness


Latest Kali Linux features an Undercover Windows 10 theme


The latest version of the Linux distribution Kali Linux features a new "Undercover" theme that turns the interface into one that resembles Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system. Kali Linux is a security-focused […]


Microsoft improves Tracking Prevention in the new Edge browser


Work on the new Chromium-based Edge continues as the first official Stable release will become available on January 15, 2020 (one day after end of support for Windows 7). Microsoft implemented a […]


Microsoft's M365 subscription for consumers now looking like a spring 2020 thing

2 days ago

Microsoft's plan to turn Office 365 consumer subscriptions into 'Microsoft 365 Life' ones is continuing to take shape. The new reveal date is looking like spring 2020.


Why clouds will always, eventually, fail

2 days ago

And every other computer will fail too. Is this anyway to run a digital first civilization?


Let's find how what a modern dual-controller IP SAN looks like, Synology-style

2 days ago

Sponsored In this complex world, IT pros need all the simplicity they can get – with enterprise-class features


Netflix: Our Metaflow Python library for faster data science is now open source

2 days ago

Netflix's Metaflow Python tool helps data scientists deploy machine-learning models to production faster.


AWS Outposts Is Now GA

2 days ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The on-premises AWS cloud, available in AWS-native and VMware flavors, is ready to ship, but will continue introducing features going forward, including a VMware control plane and AWS S3 storage next year. AWS also introduced Local Zones, which builds on Outposts innovations to put AWS infrastructure closer to clients in major cities.


AWS Advances ‘Broadest And Most Complete’ AI Strategy

2 days ago

by Joseph Tsidulko At the re:Invent conference, AWS CEO Andy Jassy unveiled a plethora of services across the stack to make it easier for customers of all stripes to build AI into their business applications, looking to differentiate its clouds ML offerings with breadth and variety.


Sundar Pichai To Lead Both Google And Alphabet; Larry Page, Sergey Brin Step Down

2 days ago

by David Harris Pichai will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabets investment in our portfolio of Other Bets.


Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Update 1910 Released

2 days ago

Microsoft announced last week that it is starting to deliver Update 1910 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager users. 12/03/2019


AWS has new tool for those leaky S3 buckets so, yeah, you might need to reconfigure a few things

2 days ago

re:Invent Security a popular topic at Las Vegas event


EFF warns of 'one-way mirror' of web surveillance by tech giants – led by Google

2 days ago

Online tracking report explores persistent privacy problems