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The end of Yahoo Groups? Not quite yet but close

2 days ago

Yahoo announced far-reaching changes to the company's Yahoo Groups service recently. The changes affect the visibility of groups, uploaded content, and upload functionality. Yahoo Groups was one of the world's largest discussion […]


Are you a Dapr Dan? Microsoft teases runtime for Kubernetes to make microservices sparkle

2 days ago

Building blocks for devs. Because you can't be all Waity K8-y when Google's all-in


Hands off our phones, says Google: Radar-gesture-sensing Pixel 4 just $999 with a 3-year lifespan – great value!

2 days ago

Video You're probably holding it wrong already


Is AWS sponsoring Rust? Only a bit – and so is Microsoft Azure

2 days ago

A confusing announcement from the cloud giant


Telstra chairman: If those darn kids can earn $5m playing Fortnite, why can't execs?

2 days ago

Plus: 35-year-old CEO who took over from dad blasts millennials for being entitled


Well, well, well. Fancy that. shelves planned pr0n block

2 days ago

Thought of the children, but not privacy, tech, legal implications


End of Support notifications for Windows 7 Pro users

2 days ago

Microsoft started to inform Windows 7 Home users that support for the operating system was about to run out. From this week on, the notifications will also be shown to users running […]


Three UK goes TITSUP*: Down and out for 10 hours and counting

2 days ago

Updated First 123-Reg, now prominent Brit telco. Who's next?


Tune into El Reg and Avnet live online today: How equipment makers will bring clouds home

2 days ago

Webcast Build a full-stack solution that makes the best of all available resources


Red Hat OpenShift 4.2: Kubernetes for the hybrid-cloud developer

2 days ago

Red Hat, via OpenShift, wants to help developers build the new model hybrid cloud.


Pendo raises $100 million for $1 billion valuation, eyes international expansion

3 days ago

The company, which tracks customer experiences for software companies and enterprises, is looking to aggressively expand in Europe.


Slack adds integrations for Salesforce Sales, Service Clouds

3 days ago

These integrations will be delivered via a new Salesforce for Slack app.


Blood money is fine with us, says GitLab: Vetting non-evil customers is 'time consuming, potentially distracting'

3 days ago

Code-hosting biz also bans staff from talking politics at work


IBM: Why yes, Red Hat is doing great. Thanks for asking. The rest of Big Blue? Sure, wait – someone's at the door...

3 days ago

Fantastic quarter: Sales, down. Profit, down. Business as usual


Apple's iCloud Experiences Brief Outage For Some Users

3 days ago

by Kyle Alspach Other Apple services including the App Store and Apple Music were also reportedly affected.


Death of the Datacenter: Q&A with GIGA Chief Jake Ring

3 days ago

Does the rise of the public cloud mean the end of the enterprise datacenter? That's an oversimplification of a complex issue, according to one CEO whose company specializes in hyperscale, modular datacenters. 10/16/2019


Microsoft says .NET Framework porting project is finished: If your API's not on the list, it's not getting in

3 days ago

Unless you ask really nicely


Ye olde Blue Screen of Death is back – this time, a bad Symantec update is to blame

3 days ago

Updated The wrong kind of intrusion protection


First Python feature release under new governance model is here, complete with walrus operator (:=)

3 days ago

No word on eggman counterpart


MasterSeeker is a freeware desktop search application for Windows

3 days ago

We have seen plenty of desktop search applications in the past. There's Everything, which is the favorite of many, UltraSearch or VX Search among other options. If you're looking for something simpler, […]