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Windows spotted flashing its unmentionables in a Chicago clothier

4 days ago

Bork!Bork!Bork! This season's colours are blue, white and bork


Capture screenshots, delayed shots, scrolling snapshots, and edit them with Screenpresso

4 days ago

Screenpresso was my go to screen capturing option for many years, until a friend recommended that I try ShareX a couple of years ago. We have covered plenty of such tools in […]


Watch: Rare Second World War footage of Bletchley Park-linked MI6 intelligence heroes emerges, shared online

4 days ago

Vid A glimpse of life at Whaddon Hall


Not only is Zoom's strong end-to-end encryption not actually end-to-end, its encryption isn't even that strong

5 days ago

Updated Video calls also routed through China, probe discovers


Absolutely everyone loves video conferencing these days. Some perhaps a bit too much

5 days ago

On Call Saving Sales from a self-inflicted dirty deed


Things that go crump in the night: Watch Musk's mighty missile go foom

5 days ago

Video Testing times for SpaceX as another Starship prototype implodes


Need a new IT role? These organizations are hiring engineers, leaders, analysts – see inside for more details

5 days ago

Job Alert Our free job ad offer continues and vacancies keep rolling in


Google is rolling back SameSite Cookie changes temporarily

5 days ago

Google introduced the new SameSite cookie policy in Chrome 80 Stable which it released in February 2020 to the public. The policy implements changes to the handling of cookies that the company […]


Docker servers targeted by new Kinsing malware campaign

5 days ago

Hackers breach Docker clusters via administrative API ports left exposed online without a password.


Firefox 74.0.1 Stable out with important security fixes

5 days ago

Mozilla has released a new stable version of the organization's Firefox web browser on April 3, 2020. Firefox 74.0.1 Stable is a security update that patches two critical security vulnerabilities in the […]


Corporate culture complicates Kubernetes and container collaboration

5 days ago

'As the DevOps crew likes to say: containers won't fix your broken culture'


Microsoft's Ignite 2020 Conference Is Also Going Digital

5 days ago

by Kyle Alspach The company will host a complimentary digital event experience in September in place of the in-person Ignite conference.


UK judge gives Google a choice: Either let SEO expert read your ranking algos or withdraw High Court evidence

5 days ago

Tough choice for adtech monolith in Foundem case


Slack hooks up with Microsoft Teams and Zoom VoIP calls

5 days ago

Maybe the world needs the Pidgin of voice and video right now?


5 Free Networking Products To Help Businesses Survive Working From Home

6 days ago

by Gina Narcisi In light of coronavirus forcing many to work from home, here's some free networking, security, and application performance solutions to make life easier for businesses that need to stay productive.


Rethinking VPN: Tailscale startup packages Wireguard with network security

6 days ago

Interview 'A whole bunch of tunnels': Mesh networking with per-node permissions and OAuth security


NASA's classic worm logo returns for first all-American trip to ISS in years: Are you a meatball or a squiggly fan?

6 days ago

Poll Should boffins keep it old-school space-race era – or embrace the, er, future of the 1970s?


Zoom vows to spend next 90 days thinking hard about its security and privacy after rough week, meeting ID war-dialing tool emerges

6 days ago

Passwords-by-default feature may be faulty. But hey, who else just went from 10 to 200 million daily users?