Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a flying solar panel: BAE Systems' satellite alternative makes maiden flight in Oz

2 months ago

Spindly thing claimed to stay airborne for a year with 15kg payload


TaskExplorer is an advanced Windows Task Manager alternative

3 months ago

TaskExplorer is a free open source application for Microsoft Windows devices that may be used as an alternative to the operating system's built-in Task Manager. Like other Task Manager alternatives such as […]


ServiceNow reveals VS Code alternative to its own web-based code editor

4 months ago

Developers who write apps for ServiceNow can now use VS Code instead of its own Studio web-based IDE.


Microsoft is dropping some of its Dynamics 365 HR apps in favor of LinkedIn alternative

4 months ago

Microsoft is preparing to retire some of its existing human resources apps, while simultaneously gearing up to launch a new Dynamics 365 Human Resources offering in February 2020.


Revealed: The new icon you'll click to download an alternative browser, and more from Microsoft

5 months ago

Roundup Plus: Your Phone makes do without Bluetooth, Azure Sphere release date


WinOTP Authenticator is an open-source alternative for WinAuth

7 months ago

Some days ago, we told you about Authenticator, an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS. The app generates codes for two-factor authentication use. Many web services support 2FA to add another layer […]


Jellyfin is an open source alternative for Plex, and here's how to setup a server on Windows

8 months ago

Plex users and tech savvy users may be aware of what a media server is. Here is a brief explanation for those who are new to the concept. When you install a […]


CryptPad is a privacy friendly alternative for Google Docs and Office Online

8 months ago

One of the most useful features in Microsoft Office and Google Docs is editing documents online and collaborating with other authors in real-time. But what about the privacy of the services? Local […]