Meet Ernest Jones, Red Hat’s New North American Channel Leader

2 days ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The former IBM channel exec is taking his position amid major leadership transitions at Red Hat and IBM, as well as a global pandemic that hes determined not to let slow progress in meeting partners


Google Urges North American Staff To Work From Home To Reduce Coronavirus Risk

4 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko For employees in the U.S. and Canada whose roles allow remote work, Google recommended staying away from the office for at least a month. Previously, San Francisco Bay Area and New York City employees were allowed to voluntarily stay away from their offices.


South American nations open fire on ICANN for 'illegal and unjust' sale of .amazon to zillionaire Jeff Bezos

3 months ago

Nastygram to DNS overseer follows long, flawed and drawn-out process


Copper, A Google-Aligned CRM Company, Makes First North American Channel Play

3 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko 'The big shift is on refocusing and restructuring our go-to-market and allowing partners to have a more engaged strategy with us. That's where we're moving, Olga Lykova, newly named global vice president of partnerships at Copper, tells CRN.


I spy, with my little satellite AI, something beginning with 'North American image-analysis code embargo'

3 months ago

Vendors will have to apply for permission to sell tools to customers outside of the US and Canada


Overseas Channel Powerhouse AllCloud Accepts $18M To Scale American Business

4 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The Israel-based consultancy is a fast-rising superstar in the Salesforce and AWS channels. With its latest infusion of venture capital, it looks to new acquisitions to boost both practices, and to bring its AWS operations to North America.


American telcos get 90 days to wrap up deals with, er, dangerous Chinese supplier – that's Huawei the news goes

5 months ago

US Department of Commerce relents-ish on blockade plans


NASA boffins tackle Nazi alien in space – with the help of Native American tribal elders

5 months ago

Clickbait? We've heard of IT


Top American watchdog refuses to release infamous 2012 dossier into Google’s anti-competitive behavior

5 months ago

FTC tells Senator staff reports are confidential


Multifactor authentication issue hitting North American Azure, Office 365 users

6 months ago

MFA issues are impacting a number of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 customers in North America. So far, the causes aren't known, but Microsoft engineers say they're working on it.


American intelligence follows British lead in warning of serious VPN vulnerabilities

6 months ago

Now if only they'd accept the Queen back again...


EU turns from American public clouds to Nextcloud private clouds

7 months ago

European governments, wary of American public clouds, are turning toward Nextcloud private clouds for Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds.


American ISPs fined $75,000 for fuzzing airport's weather radar by stealing spectrum

8 months ago

FCC also moves, albeit glacially, on robocalls