Google Chrome to block annoying video ads soon

2 weeks ago

Google revealed on Wednesday that the company's Chrome web browser will soon block certain types of video ads automatically going forward. If you have been to video sites, you may have noticed […]


Amazon Connect Helps AWS Partner Improve Annoying Customer Service Calls

4 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison Most consumers' perspective is I hate calling customer service, I hate the IVRs (interactive voice responses) -- the press one, press two, press three things -- it's just a bad experience, says VoiceFoundry CEO John Marino. Nobody's like, 'Oh, sweet, I can't wait to call.' It's usually painful, and they dread it.


Because Monday mornings just aren't annoying enough: Google Drive takes a dive and knocks out G Suite

4 weeks ago

It's not you, it's G


Business walks fine line between communicating with consumers and annoying them

4 months ago

A Twilio survey highlights how email is a preferred channel of consumers for brand communication with text in the mix. Businesses shouldn't overdo it though.