Apple tipped to go full wireless by 2021, and you're all still grumbling about a headphone jack

5 days ago

They can live in my new world or they can die in their old one


Apple sues iPhone CPU design ace after he quits to run data-center chip upstart Nuvia

5 days ago

CEO accused of breaching contract with Cupertino, fires back in court


Apple: Mysterious iPhone 11 location pings were because of 'ultra-wideband compliance'

6 days ago

NVM, we'll give you a toggle to deactivate UWB... in the future-ture-ture


Lazarus group goes back to the Apple orchard with new macOS trojan

a week ago

In-memory malware a first for suspected Nork hacking crew


Apple completes $1bn amputation of Intel's 5G smartphone modem biz, out of mobiles for good

2 weeks ago

Modem biz sale was made 'at a multi-billion dollar loss,' complains Chipzilla


After five losses, Apple finally win a round in $600m VirnetX FaceTime patent mega-battle

3 weeks ago

Keeping score? So far it’s Apple 3 VirnetX 8 with more to come


We lose money on repairs, sobs penniless Apple, even though we charge y'all a fortune

3 weeks ago

Spare a thought for the lives of the creative accountants


Tim Cook On Apple Being ‘Pulled Into The Enterprise’

3 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The CEOs of Apple and Salesforce talk enterprise mobility, environmental sustainability, and remember Steve Jobs unveiling products on the same stage.


Salesforce launches new Salesforce Mobile App, Trailhead GO with Apple, exclusive iOS, iPadOS features

4 weeks ago

The Apple-Salesforce effort, which was announced at Dreamforce, rhymes with other partnerships with enterprise software vendors and the iPhone maker.


Feds indict 14 over alleged scheme to get Apple to replace fake iPhones with real ones

4 weeks ago

Cloned kit had real IMEI and serial numbers, keeping the scam going for eight years


Bad news, developers: Apple Mac App Store tells cross-platform Electron apps to get lost

a month ago

Programmers who reoffend risk permanent exile from the fondleslab empire


Not just adhesive, but alcohol-resistant adhesive: Well done, Apple. Airpods Pro repairability is a zero

a month ago

Professional wireless buds pack interesting features, though


WTF? Apple iPhones shrank by more than $22bn in fiscal '19

a month ago

Proud CEO Cook hails a 'remarkable year'... perhaps for all the wrong reasons


Cyber-security super-brain Rudy Giuliani forgets password, bricks iPhone, begs Apple Store staff for help

a month ago

What do you expect from Mister 'Truth isn't truth'?


While Apple fanbois rage at Catalina, iGiant quietly drops iOS and macOS security patches

a month ago

RCEs and all sorts of other vulns plugged, so get installing


iBye, bad guy: Apple yanks 18 iOS store apps that sheltered advert-mashing malware

2 months ago

Dev may not have known code was being used for scam traffic


You're flowing it wrong: Bad network route between Microsoft, Apple blamed for Azure, O365 MFA outage

2 months ago

Postmortem report emerges for last week's partial downtime


Microsoft: Packet loss involving Apple Push Notification Service was latest MFA outage culprit

2 months ago

Microsoft has shared its post-mortem on the October 18 MFA issue which affected a number of North American Azure and Office 365 users.