Atlassian finally unleashes free Jira tier – nearly six months late yet just in time for coronavirus crunch

a week ago

Still, could be worse, Bono might starting singing about COVID-19. Oh


Atlassian tops Q2 expectations on strong subscription revenue growth

2 months ago

Atlassian's subscription revenue climbed 50% to $228.6 million.


Atlassian launches a new way to build and run apps with Forge

4 months ago

A development platform touted as a new way to build and run apps in the Atlassian cloud


Atlassian scrambles to fix zero-day security hole accidentally disclosed on Twitter

4 months ago

Updated Exposed private cert key may also be an issue for IBM Aspera


From strategy to execution: Atlassian wants to be there all the way

6 months ago

Communication, strategy alignment, and transparency are key, according to Atlassian head of solutions engineering Scott Blacker.


Atlassian touts that it is 'baking' trust into its technology

6 months ago

It comes as more customers move into the cloud and leave on-premise behind.


Atlassian announces new pricing plans, features in latest platform update

7 months ago

The update includes a new feature set for its admin command center Atlassian Access, with tools for identity, data loss prevention, and suspicious activity detection.