NFL and AWS using data to improve player health

3 days ago

They are combining AWS' cloud and its capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence with NFL data to improve player health and safety.


Managing the Linux kernel at AWS: 'A large team of security experts' dealing with fallout from Spectre, Meltdown flaws

4 days ago

OS director on staying safe and advantages of Amazon's Nitro hypervisor


AWS re:Invent 2019 Postmortem: Introducing Cassandra and bringing ML to Aurora

5 days ago

AWS unveiled a large number of database announcements last week. Among them, a new service that could shake up the Apache Cassandra market, and bringing ML to Aurora.


AWS Launches New EC2 Arm-Based, Machine-Learning Inference Instances

5 days ago

by Donna Goodison 'If you look at instances to start, it's not just that we have meaningfully more instances than anybody else, but it's also that we've got a lot more powerful capabilities in each of those instances,' AWS CEO Andy Jassy said in his keynote address at the AWS re:Invent 2019 conference in Las Vegas.


AWS on Australia's encryption Bill and government-wide contract

5 days ago

The cloud giant's CISO has said his company will advocate 'very strongly' on behalf of its customers where the encryption Bill is concerned, and the company's local MD has said the region is among the most advanced markets in the world.


Outposts, Local Zone, Wavelength: It's a new era of distributed cloud, says AWS architect

5 days ago

Adrian Cockcroft talks to El Reg about cloud architecture – and why we need more chaos in our systems


Pentagon's $10bn JEDI decision 'risky for the country and democracy,' says AWS CEO Jassy

a week ago

Presidential 'disdain' may have been a factor in awarding mega-contract to Microsoft, says cloud supremo


FTC Expands Amazon Antitrust Probe To Include AWS: Report

a week ago

by Joseph F. Kovar A new antitrust probe of Amazon Web Services is the latest in several moves by the U.S. government to look at potential anti-competitive practices by the IT industry's largest on-line companies.


AWS Establishes ‘Service Ready’ Certification For Partner Product Integrations

a week ago

by Donna Goodison 'Right now, the process for how customers are able to tell which products are well-integrated is not that simple,' says Doug Yeum, AWS head of worldwide channels and alliances.


AWS CEO Jassy: Trump's ‘Political Influence’ Over JEDI Cloud Threatens National Security

a week ago

by Joseph Tsidulko I think it's really risky for the country and for democracy, Jassy told reporters, if the decision for a platform to host military apps is not made objectively. AWS got a lot of information about the evaluation, he added, without getting into specific evidence of a corrupted process.


NFL and AWS using data to improve player health

a week ago

They are combining AWS' cloud and its capabilities in machine learning and artificial intelligence with NFL data to improve player health and safety.


AWS Marketplace Expands Private Offers Program To All Sellers

a week ago

by Donna Goodison 'Effective 2020, the fee that the ISVs pays for the billing, the fulfillment, the disbursement and collection -- most of these will be adjusted by 10 percent or greater depending on the price tier for that private offer model,' Dave McCann, vice president of AWS Marketplace, Service Catalog and Migration Services, says at AWS re:Ivent 2019 in Las Vegas today.


Kubernetes? 'I don't believe in one tool to rule the world,' says AWS' Sassy Jassy

a week ago

Collaborating with other companies is such a drag


AWS Unveils Retail, Public Safety and Disaster Response Competencies

a week ago

by Donna Goodison 'We've had a lot of recent conversations about first responders and disaster response communities, and how we can help them,' AWS vice president Sandy Carter said. 'Previously, there was really no easy way for these customers to find the right APN partner with that specialized skill that they need to serve this market.'


Andy Jassy On How Deloitte, Slalom, Rackspace Became AWS Superstars

a week ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The CEOs of those large AWS channel partners all understand the most important attribute of a senior leader: the ability to make hard decisions as to where to prioritize their businesses.


Meet Doug Yeum, AWS’ New Channel Chief

a week ago

by Donna Goodison 'It's my philosophy that things have to be a two-way street,' new AWS channel chief Doug Yeum tells CRN. 'There's got to be a reciprocal value for the investments that partners make into helping to strengthen the partner network.'


AWS Partner Network To Get New Program For Startups

a week ago

by Donna Goodison We felt like there was an opportunity for us to build a special program to ensure that our startups were able to work closely with our enterprise customers and also for us to make additional investments into startups who are focusing on the B2B space, says Doug Yeum, AWS head of worldwide channels and alliances.


AWS, Slalom Unveil Joint Cloud Launch Centers

a week ago

by Donna Goodison This is the first time AWS and Slaloms joint customers will have the experience of working with them at the same time, in the same location, solving the same problem, says Michael Cowden, president of Slalom Build.


AWS CEO Andy Jassy: Trump's 'disdain' for Amazon influenced DOD's JEDI decision

a week ago

Jassy suggested the DOD's decision to grant its $10B cloud contract to Microsoft was tainted by politics, potentially putting national security at risk.


Canonical now offers AWS optimized Ubuntu Linux

a week ago

Canonical has brought premium Ubuntu Pro Linux images to Amazon Web Services, which come with extended maintenance, broader security coverage, and critical compliance features.