Russian telco hijacks internet traffic for Google, AWS, Cloudflare, and others


Rostelecom involved in BGP hijacking incident this week impacting more than 200 CDNs and cloud providers.


AWS Marketplace and AWS Data Exchange opens to Australian vendors

4 days ago

Global customers can now purchase directly from Australia and New Zealand-based software and data providers.


Access Analysis, GuardDuty and Inspector gadgets not enough? Here comes another AI-driven security tool for AWS

5 days ago

What have you got for us, Detective?


AWS Says Military Trying To ‘Gerrymander’ Away Deficiencies In Microsoft’s JEDI Bid

2 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The Pentagons plan to re-evaluate the controversial award is rife with problems, from not allowing AWS to offer a new price in light of shifting storage requirements, to ignoring several other source-selection criteria, AWS argues. The cloud leader has sued the government claiming President Donald Trump corrupted the process by which the military chooses a commercial cloud vendor to transform its IT systems.


AWS Savings Plans: What they are and why you should care

2 weeks ago

Amazon Web Services launched AWS Savings Plans for EC2, Fargate, and Lambda.


AWS Commits To $20M In Cloud Credits To Coronavirus Researchers

2 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The cloud giant looks to accelerate development of tests for the pathogen behind a global pandemic by allowing researchers to run workloads at no cost on its cloud. The launch has 35 labs and businesses participating.


AWS commits $20 million to speeding up COVID-19 diagnostic development

2 weeks ago

The effort is designed to bolster collaboration between customers and be funded with AWS in-kind credits and technical support.


NASA to launch 247 petabytes of data into AWS – but forgot about eye-watering cloudy egress costs before lift-off

3 weeks ago

Audit finds that error could actually mean less data flows to boffins because space agency may not be able to afford downloads


How's this for a JEDI mind trick? AWS waves hand, has Uncle Sam 'reconsider' cloud contract award to Microsoft

3 weeks ago

But Bezos' juggernaut still not happy, and we'll hear all about it soon


Dorothy Copeland, An AWS and IBM Channel Leader, Takes Charge Of Partner Programs at Blockchain Startup R3

4 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko This feels similar to when I started with AWS in early 2010, says the seasoned channel executive who goes back to her roots with a high-growth startup


AWS to double sales droids as Google, Microsoft's growing clouds threaten to gobble larger slices of Bezos' pie

a month ago

Experts drafted in to help new hires answer customers' technical questions


Webinar: How AWS encryption services keep data in transit safe

a month ago

Wrap your assets up well before you send them on their journey


AWS CEO Andy Jassy On Channel Conflict, Competition And AI

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'There's this folklore mythology around if Amazon launches a business in a certain area, it means that all the other businesses in those areas are not going to be as successful,' Jassy says at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco. 'I just haven't seen it.'


Federal Judge Grants AWS Request To Pause JEDI

2 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko A federal judge Thursday ordered the government to halt substantial implementation work on the JEDI cloud transformation initiative with Microsoft until AWS protest claiming President Donald Trump's interference corrupted the process moves forward in court.


Amazon, AWS In ‘Frontline’ Crosshairs With New PBS Documentary

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison AWS has given Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos billions to expand Amazon from a company that sells everything to a company that does everything, Frontline correspondent and director James Jacoby says in Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos.


US Federal Court judge grants AWS request to temporarily block JEDI contract work

2 months ago

Amazon has succeeded in temporarily halting work on the $10 billion JEDI contract, which Microsoft won late last year.


Deutsche Bank calls in AWS, Microsoft and Google to tout for cloud biz: Come in to tender, deal value unknown

2 months ago

One of the Big Three will snap up floaty tech pact within 'months'


AWS Wants To Depose President Trump In JEDI Cloud Lawsuit

2 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko In its protest charging political interference corrupted the process of choosing the militarys cloud contractor, Amazon Web Services is asking a federal court to order a president who once reportedly told his defense secretary to screw Amazon to answer questions.


AWS plans multimillion-dollar investment in Brazil

2 months ago

The company will expand its cloud infrastructure set-up in São Paulo over the next two years


AWS Plans Data Center Expansion In Brazil

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'With this important investment by AWS, Amazon's cloud computing company, we are going to generate more jobs, technology and opportunities for startups as well, placing the state of So Paulo in the global context,' So Paulo Governor Joo Doria says.