DISRUPT 2020: IGEL’s Linux OS Is An Azure Windows Virtual Desktop ‘Game Changer’

5 hrs ago

by Steven Burke This is the start of the desktop in the cloud computing revolution, says IGEL Co-CEO Jed Ayres. Its the cloud equivalent of when Bill Gates said he wanted a PC on every desk and in every home. We want to put those billions of desktops into the cloud with the IGEL OS and WVD.


Microsoft Cops to Azure Error that Exposed 250 Million Accounts

2 days ago

Microsoft this week revealed that a misconfigured database hosted in its Azure cloud may have compromised millions of customer support case records.


Microsoft Enables Azure AD Connect To Join Unconnected AD Forests

6 days ago

To bridge scattered Active Directory "forests," Microsoft is introducing a preview of a new "Cloud Provisioning" feature for the Azure Active Directory Connect service.


Azure AD B2B Now Accepts Google IDs for Log-In

6 days ago

In preview since last year, a feature that lets users of the Google identity and access service use their personal log-in IDs with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory B2B service is now generally available.


Microsoft Azure Sentinel SIEM Service Goes Live

6 days ago

In preview since February, Microsoft's cloud-based security information and event management (SIEM) solution became generally available this week.


Microsoft Launches Preview of Azure Private Link

6 days ago

Organizations looking to add another layer of security to their Azure service connections can now access a preview release of Azure Private Link, announced by Microsoft this week.


Building Azure DevTest Labs with PowerShell

6 days ago

Microsoft's Azure DevTest Labs service allows developers and IT administrators alike to provision and control groups of virtual machines.


Microsoft Purchases Movere To Support Azure Migrations

6 days ago

Microsoft on Wednesday announced it was buying Movere, a partner that helps companies transition toward using cloud services.


Using PowerShell for Parametrized Azure Resource Manager Templates

6 days ago

IT pros have many ways to deploy resources to Microsoft Azure, but when it comes to deploying many resources at once, ARM templates are the way to go.


How To Modify Azure ARM Templates with PowerShell

6 days ago

PowerShell is often used to deploy Microsoft Azure ARM templates, but you can also create a script to easily build and modify existing templates. Here's how.


Creating a Custom Voice Font with Azure Cognitive Services

6 days ago

Using the custom voice feature in Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services product, you can train a computer to sound like yourself -- or anyone else, for that matter.


Converting Text to Speech with Azure Cognitive Services and PowerShell

6 days ago

Thanks to the AI features in Microsoft's cloud, text-to-speech technology can render more realistic results than ever.


Managing Azure Cognitive Service Accounts with PowerShell

6 days ago

Here's how to start taking advantage of Microsoft's suite of artificial intelligence APIs.


Microsoft Boosts Azure AD Security, Introduces 'Identity Hub'

6 days ago

Microsoft this week announced the general availability of its new Azure Active Directory Password Protection feature, which aims to diminish the threat of password spray attacks.


Azure Firewall Gets Threat Intelligence Perks

6 days ago

Azure Firewall, Microsoft's firewall-as-a-service security offering for organizations using Azure virtual machines, is getting several improvements that tap the company's Threat Intelligence service.


Microsoft Prepares IT Pros for New Azure Monitor Service

6 days ago

Microsoft this week described the steps for adapting "classic" alert rules to work with its new Azure Monitor service.


Azure AD B2B Gets One-Time Passcode Feature

6 days ago

Microsoft is previewing a new "one-time passcodes" feature in its Azure Active Directory Business to Business (B2B) service.


Microsoft Issues RC2 of Azure DevOps Server 2019

6 days ago

Azure DevOps Server 2019 Release Candidate 2 (RC2) is now available, Microsoft announced on Tuesday, marking the product's last release before becoming production-ready.


Set Up an Azure File Share Used as a Mounted Drive

6 days ago

Setting up a place to store files in the cloud isn't quite as easy as doing it on-prem. That's where Microsoft's Azure Files service comes in.


Microsoft Readies Azure SQL, SQL Server 2019 Preview Improvements

6 days ago

Microsoft detailed a raft of improvements coming to its database products at this week's PASS Summit.