With Europe on lockdown, Netflix takes steps to ease broadband strain

4 days ago

Netflix has agreed to reduce streaming bit rates in Europe. The streaming service said it will reduce its traffic in the region by 25 percent.


Like a Virgin, hacked for the very first time... UK broadband ISP spills 900,000 punters' records into wrong hands from insecure database

3 weeks ago

Contact info and more, perfect for phishing


New Jersey beats New York – and then the rest of America – on broadband access. How does your state fare?

4 weeks ago

National survey of ISPs sparks familiar recommendations for better internet


Broadband providers can now flog Openreach's new IP voice network in bid to ditch UK's copper phone lines by 2025

4 weeks ago

Needing a landline will soon be a thing of the past


If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now: Brexit tea towel says it'll just be the gigabit broadband

4 weeks ago

High-speed hedgehog pr0n ahoy


FCC lines up $16 billion for broadband across entire US. Well, except New York because, screw them, right?

2 months ago

They’ve got money, explains American watchdog that just can’t help itself


Looking for a great value broadband deal? War-torn Syria will do you proud

2 months ago

UK internet costs shamed by European colleagues, but at least it's not Eritrea


We won't CU later: New Ofcom broadband proposals mull killing off old copper network

3 months ago

Yearly review promises FTTP for rural bods, price check on network wholesaler Openreach


Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election

4 months ago

The 1980s called and wants its state-owned telco-provider back


Her Majesty opens UK Parliament with fantastic tales of gigabit-capable broadband for everyone

6 months ago

But without a majority, it's more likely to form basis of Tory manifesto than law


Openreach's cunning plan to 'turbocharge' the post-Brexit economy: Getting everyone on full-fibre broadband by 2025

6 months ago

£59bn boost – 'if we can get right conditions to invest'


See you in Hull: First UK city to be hooked up to full-fibre broadband

6 months ago

200,000 homes and biz have gigabit-capable connections


Brit ISPs pinky-promise not to overcharge loyal broadband customers

6 months ago

Guys, just pick up the phone and change!


How to fix the global slowdown in broadband rollout: Redefine what broadband means

6 months ago

From now until 2025, let's call it 'meaningful universal connectivity'


Geo-boffins drill into dino-killing asteroid crater, discover extinction involves bad smells, chilly weather, no broadband internet...

7 months ago

Sounds like normal life in the Shetland Islands


Wait a minute, we're supposed to haggle! ISPs secretly want folk to barter for broadband

7 months ago

11?!! This cost me 12! Do you want to ruin me?!


Wait a minute, we're supposed to haggle! ISPs secretly want folk to haggle for broadband

7 months ago

11?!! This cost me 12! Do you want to ruin me?!


How four rotten packets broke CenturyLink's network for 37 hours, knackering 911 calls, VoIP, broadband

7 months ago

FCC delivers postmortem after blunder cripples US fiber links


Openreach hands out £14m to compensate for broadband outages. Not to you, silly, to your ISP!

8 months ago

BT's digital network biz noticed it wasn't paying out enough


Plusnet holds off spirited charge from Vodafone in broadband complaint charts

8 months ago

BT-owned outfit attracts a little less customer ire but still not doing customers proud