Breaking bad... browser use: New Mexico accuses Google of illegally slurping kids' private data via G Suite

3 days ago

Web giant hits back, says allegations are 'factually wrong'


Chrome deploys deep-linking tech in latest browser build despite privacy concerns

3 days ago

It's not a bug, it's a feature, explains the Chocolate Factory


Forcing us to get consent before selling browser histories violates our free speech, US ISPs claim

5 days ago

That ain't the way life should be, Maine responds


Open in Browser is a Firefox extension that opens PDFs, images directly instead of downloading them

7 days ago

Firefox as you know, has built-in support for viewing some document formats like TXT, PDF, XML and image formats. But sometimes you get a download dialog open up, instead of the content […]


Waterfox web browser sold to System1

a week ago

It appears that the Waterfox web browser has been sold to System1 recently, the same company that bought the Startpage search engine some time ago. To be precise, Startpage was bought by […]


Canary-build Microsoft browser blocks Microsoft extension from inflicting Microsoft search engine

2 weeks ago

Virtue is its own reward


How to change the font size and type in the new Microsoft Edge browser

3 weeks ago

Microsoft released the first stable version of its Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser on January 15, 2020 for Windows and Mac OS X. The browser shares the core with Google Chrome and […]


Safari's Intelligent Tracking Protection is misspelled, says Google: It should be Dumb Browser Stalking Enabler

4 weeks ago

Chocolate Factory boffins doubt Apple can fix it, either


Microsoft's on Edge and you could be, too: Chromium-based browser exits beta – with teething problems

a month ago

Redmond loves Linux so much this Internet-Explorer-replacement is for Windows, macOS only right now


10 Tips to get started with the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

a month ago

Microsoft plans to release the stable version of the company's Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser officially today. Most Home users will receive the browser via Windows Update as it is pushed to systems […]


Weather is a great weather extension for your browser

2 months ago

Weather, or Weather Extension depending on which browser you are using, is an extension for web browsers to display weather information directly in the browser. A free and pro version of the […]


Block Microsoft from running experiments in the Microsoft Edge browser

2 months ago

Browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge come with built-in functionality to run experiments. Browser makers like Mozilla or Google may enable or disable features or changes in select browsers; this is […]


Add custom shortcuts to your web browser with Shortkeys

2 months ago

Shortkeys is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows users to create and use custom keyboard shortcuts in the browsers. Among the many features are options to run […]


Vivaldi opens up an exciting new front in the browser wars, seeks to get around blocking with cunning code

2 months ago

All Chromium browsers are equal, but some smell more equal than others


Microsoft releases Blocker Toolkit for Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

2 months ago

Microsoft revealed some time ago that it plans to release the first Stable version of the company's new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser on January 15, 2020 (a day after end of […]


Vivaldi releases second Beta of its Android browser

3 months ago

Vivaldi Technologies, the company behind the Vivaldi web browser, released the second Beta of the upcoming Vivaldi mobile browser for Android on December 5, 2019. The company released the first, long-awaited, version […]


Microsoft improves Tracking Prevention in the new Edge browser

3 months ago

Work on the new Chromium-based Edge continues as the first official Stable release will become available on January 15, 2020 (one day after end of support for Windows 7). Microsoft implemented a […]


Like a BAT outta hell, Brave browser hits 1.0 with crypto-coin rewards for your fave websites

3 months ago

*Cough cough*


Brave Browser 1.0 is now available

3 months ago

After more than four years of development, Brave 1.0 has been released by Brave Software to the public after the release of Brave Beta 1.0 in 2018. The new and first final […]


Revealed: The new icon you'll click to download an alternative browser, and more from Microsoft

4 months ago

Roundup Plus: Your Phone makes do without Bluetooth, Azure Sphere release date