Vivaldi releases second Beta of its Android browser

2 days ago

Vivaldi Technologies, the company behind the Vivaldi web browser, released the second Beta of the upcoming Vivaldi mobile browser for Android on December 5, 2019. The company released the first, long-awaited, version […]


Microsoft improves Tracking Prevention in the new Edge browser

4 days ago

Work on the new Chromium-based Edge continues as the first official Stable release will become available on January 15, 2020 (one day after end of support for Windows 7). Microsoft implemented a […]


Like a BAT outta hell, Brave browser hits 1.0 with crypto-coin rewards for your fave websites

3 weeks ago

*Cough cough*


Brave Browser 1.0 is now available

3 weeks ago

After more than four years of development, Brave 1.0 has been released by Brave Software to the public after the release of Brave Beta 1.0 in 2018. The new and first final […]


Revealed: The new icon you'll click to download an alternative browser, and more from Microsoft

a month ago

Roundup Plus: Your Phone makes do without Bluetooth, Azure Sphere release date


Tor Browser 9.0 is out with important changes

a month ago

Tor Browser 9.0 has been released this week; it is the first version of Tor Browser that is based on Firefox 68 ESR (opposed to Firefox 60.x which previous versions of Tor […]


Firefox 71: new kiosk mode for the browser

2 months ago

Mozilla plans to integrate kiosk mode functionality in version 71 of the Firefox web browser that users of the browser may launch from the command line. First requested more than 17 years […]


Chrome hacks: Six secret, strange tricks you can do with browser tabs

2 months ago

When it comes to customizing Chrome, there are the publicly visible extensions, and then there are the secret experimental flags buried deep in the heart of Chrome itself. We tinker with some hidden settings to improve tab performance -- with mixed results.


Web Browser Vivaldi 2.8 has been released

3 months ago

Norwegian company Vivaldi Technologies released a new version of the company's Vivaldi web browser on September 20, 2019 to the public. Vivaldi 2.8 is an update for the desktop web browser that […]


How to speed up the Brave browser

3 months ago

The following guide lists tweaks and suggestions on how to speed up the Brave web browser to reduce lag and improve the browser's performance. We have published guide on speeding up the Opera […]


Opera GX Browser update introduces network limiter

3 months ago

Opera Software unveiled its Opera GX web browser in June 2019 after it released a teaser a month earlier. The web browser was specifically designed for gamers and the three core features […]


Phone home: Indie Chromium browser Vivaldi goes mobile

3 months ago

Hands On Desktop browser fans – and Vulture Central – get an Android client to play with


How to use multiple Microsoft Accounts in the new Microsoft Edge browser

3 months ago

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser that Microsoft is working on currently supports a number of features that the classic Edge browser does not support. One of these is the ability to […]


Vivaldi releases Vivaldi mobile browser for Android

3 months ago

Vivaldi Technologies released a first public version of the long awaited mobile version of the Vivaldi browser for Google's Android operating system today. The mobile version of the Vivaldi Browser is released […]

VivaldiReleasesMobileBrowserAndroid is a free Flowchart and diagram creation software for Windows, Linux, macOS and your browser

3 months ago

Flowcharts are incredibly useful diagrams to explain process flows. Remember the phishing flow chart that Martin created in 2011? Or the flowchart about flowcharts? If you took a computer science class in […]


Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Firefox and Chrome leaves Beta

3 months ago

Malwarebytes launched a browser extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in early 2018 that it called Malwarebytes for Chrome and Malwarebytes for Firefox initially. The company changed the name to Malwarebytes […]


Google starts integration of password checker in Chrome browser

4 months ago

Google's Chrome web browser supports password saving and management options just like any other modern web browser. The browser offers to save passwords by default when it recognizes that a user enters […]


Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services

4 months ago

Baffling bug forces folks to use Safari, IE, etc


Vivaldi to stop using unique user IDs in upcoming versions of the browser

4 months ago

Vivaldi's Julien Picalausa revealed in a new post on the official Vivaldi Blog that the company will stop using unique user IDs in upcoming versions of the web browser. The company uses […]