Microsoft's Kubernetes Changes Include Confidential Computing Boost

2 weeks ago

Microsoft now offers "confidential computing" data protections for Kubernetes workloads in conjunction with Intel's hardware-based Software Guard Extensions solutions on Azure DC-Series virtual machines.


Startpage Search owner changes raise serious questions

3 weeks ago

Startpage announced on September 28, 2019 on the official Startpage blog that Privacy One Group Ltd has made an investment in The announcement revealed that the relationship between the two groups […]


Microsoft relents on planned Power Platform self-service purchasing changes

a month ago

Microsoft will give IT a way to turn off self-servicing and is moving back the intended start date for its Power Platform self-servicing changes as a result of user pushback.


Tor Browser 9.0 is out with important changes

a month ago

Tor Browser 9.0 has been released this week; it is the first version of Tor Browser that is based on Firefox 68 ESR (opposed to Firefox 60.x which previous versions of Tor […]


Upcoming changes to file compression software Bandizip

2 months ago

Bandisoft, the company behind the popular file compression software Bandizip, plans to launch Bandizip 7.0 soon; the new version has a new licensing system that divides the program into a free, advertisement […]


Microsoft changes encryption, another D-Link bug, phishing dangers, and more

2 months ago

Roundup Plus, Baltimore's disastrous ransomware infection and worse IT practices


What Microsoft's upcoming 'outsourcing' licensing changes could mean for your business

4 months ago

Enterprise customers relying on Microsoft 'Bring Your Own License' option to run Windows Server, SQL Server and other enterprise software in Amazon's or Google's clouds may be in for a rude awakening this fall.