Phone home: Indie Chromium browser Vivaldi goes mobile

5 days ago

Hands On Desktop browser fans – and Vulture Central – get an Android client to play with


How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

a week ago

It should not come as a surprise that the default search engine of Microsoft Edge -- regardless of whether it is the classic version or new Chromium version -- is Microsoft's Bing […]


How to add an extensions menu to Microsoft Edge (Chromium)

2 weeks ago

The latest Canary version of the upcoming Microsoft Edge browser that is based on Chromium supports an extensions menu to improve extension manageability; when enabled, it reduces space on the toolbar but […]


Microsoft introduces Caret Browsing feature in Chromium Edge

a month ago

Work on the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser continues and Microsoft adds new features to preview versions of the browser on a weekly basis. The latest build introduces Caret Browsing, an accessibility feature, […]