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Microsoft and Alibaba Back Open Application Model for Cloud Apps

2 days ago

Microsoft and Alibaba Cloud on Wednesday described an Open Application Model (OAM) for Web applications. 10/17/2019


University of Newcastle to shift all workloads to AWS Cloud by 2020

3 days ago

The university will exit from its on-premise datacentre.


Microsoft introduces new open-source specs for developing cloud and edge applications

3 days ago

Microsoft is introducing two new specs, the Open Application Model and Dapr, with the aim of making building cloud, edge and Kubernetes apps easier.


Google Cloud brings Security Health Analytics into beta

3 days ago

The security feature in Google's Cloud Security Command Center is also now fully certified by the Center for Internet Security.


Public cloud can add $450B to APAC economies through to 2023

4 days ago

Should public cloud spending remain on its CAGR trajectory of 25%, it will have an economic impact of $450 billion across six Asia-Pacific markets from 2019 to 2023, fuelling consumer spending and creating jobs.


Cloud alters pecking order among enterprise technology vendors

4 days ago

A Flexera report captures current sentiment for enterprise technology giants including those gaining and losing IT spend.


Australia Criminal Intelligence Agency joins Archtis' Kojensi Gov cloud platform

5 days ago

The cloud platform will be used to develop the National Criminal Intelligence System.


Imperva cloud firewall pwned, D-Link bug uncovered – plus more

5 days ago

Roundup Including: Visual Studio Code debug hole found


Backup the data in cloud block storage

a week ago

If you use Amazon Web Services Elastic Block store, it warrants backup to avoid possible data loss in the event of an outage, human error or software error.


Oracle Hiring Thousands To Support Cloud Infrastructure Expansion

a week ago

by Joseph Tsidulko After a year of repeated layoffs, the company's workforce restructuring will deliver a surge in headcount to support a rapidly expanding cloud footprint.


Azure Spring Cloud Private Preview Launched by Pivotal and Microsoft

a week ago

Pivotal Software and Microsoft introduced a private preview of Azure Spring Cloud on Tuesday. 10/09/2019


Scrambling for cloud relevance, Oracle hires... 2,000? Yes, that sounds like a nice round number

a week ago

Let's all pretend that we don't remember the layoffs in March


SUSE tosses OpenStack Cloud to double down on application delivery

a week ago

That means Kubernetes and DevOps for the Linux veteran


Through the winds of winter, Microsoft sees a dream of spring... Azure Spring Cloud, that is

a week ago

Buddy Pivotal will operate managed framework on Azure Kubernetes Service


Why BlueShore Financial Chose HPE Primera’s AI Over Public Cloud

2 weeks ago

by Steven Burke We benchmark ourselves against AWS [Amazon Web Services], GCP [Google Cloud Platform] and [Microsoft] Azure from an infrastructure standpoint, and we always come out way ahead of those environments, says Ryan Burgess, manager of technology infrastructure for the boutique financial institution that administers $6 billion in assets.


SUSE drops OpenStack Cloud

2 weeks ago

SUSE, a long-time supporter of the OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud program, is getting out of the OpenStack cloud business.


SAP readies bevy of HANA Cloud Services

2 weeks ago

The enterprise software giant brings SAP HANA Cloud and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to GA.


Oracle will hire 2,000 new workers to bolster cloud infrastructure business

2 weeks ago

The new jobs will include positions in software development, cloud operations and business operations.


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2 weeks ago

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