Bad news: A company wants to sell artificial shooting stars. Good news: Launch delayed

6 days ago

Roundup There's more than enough crap up there already


Chancers keep buying up dot-UK company name domains while Nominet coins it on dispute resolution

2 weeks ago

That'll be £750 for us to take a look, ta very much – £3,000 if you don't like the answer


RDP loves company: Kaspersky finds 37 security holes in VNC remote desktop software

2 weeks ago

BlueKeep isn't the only bug in town, plenty to go round


BOFH: The company survived the disaster recovery test. Just. The Director's car, however...

2 months ago

Episode 9 Well, it was an angry mob simulation


Prepare your company IT infrastructure for the future: Learn how with Gartner next month

2 months ago

Promo Catch up with the fast-moving digital world at the IT Infrastructure, Operations and Cloud Strategies Conference


US games company Blizzard kowtows to Beijing by banning gamer who dared to bring up Hong Kong

2 months ago

'Every voice matters' unless there's renminbi to be had


100+ critical IT policies every company needs, ready for download

3 months ago

From BYOD and social media to ergonomics and encryption, TechRepublic Premium, ZDNet's sibling site, has dozens of ready-made, downloadable IT policy templates.


Vonage acquires assets from company

4 months ago

The acquihire will help Vonage build out its natural language and conversational AI algorithms.