There's something fishy going down in the computer lab

2 weeks ago

Who, Me? Macro or Mackerel? Whatever it is, it looks o-fish-al. We'll get our sealskin coat


Schedule your computer to shut down, restart, sleep with Adios - Shutdown timer for Windows

2 weeks ago

Not everyone shuts down their computer whenever they are finished with whatever they used it for. It's a good way to lower power consumption and also prevent an unexpected shutdown in case […]


Email blackmail brouhaha tears UKIP apart as High Court refuses computer seizure attempt

a month ago

And you thought politics was winding down for Christmas


Why can't you be a nice little computer maker and just GET IN THE TRUNK, Xerox tells HP in hostile takeover alert

2 months ago

Did you copy that?


Superposition is a free benchmarking tool to test the gaming performance of your computer

3 months ago

Did you just buy a gaming laptop or build your own rig? Got a shiny new graphics card, have you? Benchmarking tools are one of the best ways to stress test your […]


If there were almost a million computer misuse crimes last year, Action Fraud is only passing 2% of cases to cops

3 months ago

You know my stats don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's wrong


A History of (Computer) Violence: Wait. Before you whack it again, try caressing the mouse

3 months ago

On Call Ever been tempted to administer a jolly good thrashing to Windows?


Run a computer in liquid? Spanish firm's cooling tech offers solutions to big data centers

3 months ago

You might think electricity and liquids don't mix, but an immersive-cooling company has other ideas.


Cosmo Communicator: More phone than the Gemini, more pocket computer than phone

4 months ago

Android at launch on Planet Computers' latest, Linux support to follow


HMRC 'disciplined' almost 100 employees for computer misuse over 24 months

4 months ago

Updated Email, social media and telecomms kit abused at the tax collector


Run a computer in liquid: Result? Big power savings, says this cooling-tech startup

4 months ago

You might think electricity and liquids don't mix, but an immersive-cooling company has other ideas.


RIP Danny Cohen: The computer scientist who gave world endianness meets his end aged 81

5 months ago

He also developed one of the first ever flight simulators


How to speed up your computer the right way - get an SSD

6 months ago

In my last article here on the site, I suggested that running system cleaners, tune-up tools, and other third-party tools for the purpose of speeding up your PC significantly is not advised. […]