How edge computing may revamp, revitalize commercial real estate

2 weeks ago

Edge computing, as well as 5G, will acquire a more distributed network with various points of presence. These points are likely to be housed in existing real estate. Welcome to the mall revitalization effort.


What Computing Will Look Like in 2030: Top 5 Tech Predictions for the Next Decade

3 weeks ago

For better or worse, the next 10 years will bring more intelligent devices to more areas of our daily lives. From the proliferation of AI to what that means for user privacy, here are Brien's tech predictions for 2020 and beyond. 12/30/2019


Are you writing code for ambient computing? No? Don't even know? Ch-uh. Google's 'write once, run anywhere' Flutter is all over it

a month ago

Techies lay out modest ambition to provide development framework for everything. Where have we heard that before?


Intel's 'Horse Ridge' control chip may make quantum computing more viable, scalable

a month ago

Intel Labs along with research partner QuTech at TU-Delft can now use Horse Ridge to control multiple quantum bits, or qubits.


Animal Logic touts cloud computing as democratising the future of animation

a month ago

It's not about the speed to which a film can be finished, rather it's the advantage it gives to animators.


AWS, Verizon aim to collaborate on 5G, cloud, edge computing use cases

2 months ago

For Verizon, the win with the AWS partnership is more enterprise 5G clients. AWS gets a network partner for edge computing services.


AWS Launches Quantum Computing Offensive With Amazon Braket

2 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'With quantum engineering starting to make more meaningful progress, customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers and explore the technologys potential,' says Charlie Bell, AWS senior vice president of utility computing services. 'We believe that quantum computing will be a cloud-first technology, and that the cloud will be the main way customers access the hardware.'


AWS unveils Amazon Braket quantum computing service

2 months ago

The cloud giant also used day one of re:Invent to announce the AWS Center for Quantum Computing and its new AWS Quantum Solutions Lab


Predictions 2020: Cloud computing sees new alliances and new security concerns

2 months ago

In 2020, the cloud computing market will sees interesting new alliances and face new security concerns. Read Forrester's 2020 cloud predictions to find out more.


Scale Computing ‘Magic’: Edge Device Application Breakthrough

2 months ago

by Steven Burke The magic is that we have got the entire software stack from Scale running in those tiny devices, consuming less than one Gig(abyte) of memory, says Scale Computing CEO Jeff Ready. What the Scale software does is effectively turn those devices into full enterprise class, highly available servers.


Microsoft's Kubernetes Changes Include Confidential Computing Boost

2 months ago

Microsoft now offers "confidential computing" data protections for Kubernetes workloads in conjunction with Intel's hardware-based Software Guard Extensions solutions on Azure DC-Series virtual machines.


Microsoft Bolsters Kubernetes with Azure Confidential Computing

2 months ago

Microsoft on Tuesday announced various developments concerning the use of Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration solution fostered by Google. 11/19/2019


10 Emerging Cloud Computing Trends To Watch In 2020

2 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko Big-picture trends in the fast-paced cloud industry are already developing and will characterize the market for 2020.


Cloud computing: SaaS, IaaS or PaaS - which is growing fastest?

2 months ago

Now that cloud computing has hit the mainstream, spending patterns are changing.


IT spending, cloud computing, big data, virtual reality, and more: Research round-up

2 months ago

All the data that matters to you from the past month in technology news.


Schneider Electric, Scale Computing release edge computing platform for retailers

2 months ago

The system essentially deploys Scale Computing's HC3 Edge virtualization platform inside Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure Micro Data Centers.


Europe's cloud computing plan won't do much to scare the US giants

3 months ago

Europe wants to build its own cloud computing giants, but without greater clarity and a lot more ambition it isn't likely to get very far.


Can AWS be caught? Here's how its cloud computing rivals can improve their chances

3 months ago

Businesses are turning to multi-cloud solutions – and the most successful providers will be those that can use channel partners to help customers manage their platforms.


Deepfakes, quantum computing cracking codes, ransomware... Find out what's really freaking out Uncle Sam

3 months ago

Vid We sat through this 90-minute committee hearing so you didn't have to


Enterprises tap edge computing for IoT analytics

3 months ago

IoT deployments are fueling investments in edge computing infrastructure, including edge gateways and hyperconverged infrastructure.