VMware Aims For Container Dominance

2 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The private cloud leader is executing its hybrid vision with public cloud partners while preparing to roll out transformative Kubernetes platforms that bridge legacy and modern infrastructure, CEO Pat Gelsinger tells investors in Q3 earnings call.


HPE launches container platform, aims to be 100% open source Kubernetes

2 months ago

HPE Container Platform aims to differentiate itself by staying pure open source Kubernetes and address container sprawl with its BlueData software.


Just Docker room talk: Container upstart's enterprise wing sold to Mirantis, CEO out, Swarm support faces ax

2 months ago

Plans to continue with $35m to back Hub and Desktop. Yes, Kubernetes has truly won


Has container hype jumped the shark?

3 months ago

Docker this, container that, and Kubernetes it all. Welcome to IT in the twenty-teens, but will it continue to be "all containers, all the time?" Some developers are turning to other approaches.


HPE Accelerates Machine Learning With ML Ops Container Software

4 months ago

by Steven Burke Partners need to build out their (machine learning and AI) practices, bench strength and expertise in this area so they can help customers in the next phase of the journey, says HPE BlueData Vice President of Marketing Jason Schroedl.


Red Hat Quay 3.1, a highly available Kubernetes container registry, arrives

4 months ago

If you want to manage your Kubernetes container images securely and reliably, you should check out the latest release of Red Hat Quay.