Serverless Kubernetes containers: Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate

5 days ago

AWS Kubernetes users can now run serverless containers.


Microsoft's 'Project Teleport' Aims To Create Containers Much Faster on Azure

2 weeks ago

Much of Azure's promise relates to dynamic flexibility, yet the design of Docker containers can cause lag when used in a truly serverless environment like Azure. That's the disconnect that Microsoft's new "Project Teleport" aims to address. 11/21/2019


Better Bluetooth in Windows 10 and more local Azure toys via Docker containers

2 months ago

Roundup Also, a new font arrives and Microsoft struggles to keep Sets' coffin lid closed


AWS Partners Get New Containers Navigate Track

4 months ago

by Donna Goodison 'We are living in the world of containers in todays technological terms, and choosing the right container technology and scheduler that are managing workloads can be critical for business,' says Oleksandr Zadorozhnyi, technical director and cloud and transformation lead at Pythian. 'Tailoring technology to customers business needs is exactly what AWS is mapping out through the launch of this new program'


Containers 101: Containers vs. Virtual Machines (And Why Containers Are the Future of IT Infrastructure)

4 months ago

What exactly is a container and what makes it different -- and in some cases better -- than a virtual machine? To answer this question, Joey explains why we ever needed containers in the first place. 08/12/2019