Neustar wins back Colombia's controversial .co domain contract after slashing profit margin by 75 per cent

2 days ago

After claims of dodgy deals and rigged procedures, the contract is finally inked


Dot-com price rises on their way over the next four years: ICANN approves Verisign contract, walks off with $20m

a week ago

You thought thousands of complaints would make a difference?


India's peak IT body tells outsourcers to check contract cancellation fine print while Coronavirus reigns

2 weeks ago

In case force majeure means they can't deliver. And right now some haven't delivered detailed continuity plans


Combat in the cloud: Securing the $10 billion JEDI contract

3 weeks ago

The Pentagon awarded a cloud-computing contract worth $10 billion to Microsoft that Amazon plans to contest.


How's this for a JEDI mind trick? AWS waves hand, has Uncle Sam 'reconsider' cloud contract award to Microsoft

4 weeks ago

But Bezos' juggernaut still not happy, and we'll hear all about it soon


US Federal Court judge grants AWS request to temporarily block JEDI contract work

2 months ago

Amazon has succeeded in temporarily halting work on the $10 billion JEDI contract, which Microsoft won late last year.


Amazon demands Trump testify about the JEDI contract

2 months ago

Amazon is attempting to depose President Donald Trump and others over the US government's award the $10-billion dollar JEDI cloud to Microsoft Azure over AWS.


The show Musk go on: Elon asks Uncle Sam to let him fly his Starship over Texas, scores fat NASA contract

2 months ago

Grimey man unveils a pair of deals


Colombia accused of rigging .co contract for dot-org provider Afilias – is this document a smoking gun?

2 months ago

Technical requirements file appears to include references to US biz's other operations


Amazon: We want to stop Microsoft working on JEDI contract

3 months ago

Amazon Web Services wants to block early work from Microsoft on the Pentagon's JEDI contract.


Ministry of Justice bod jailed for stealing £1.7m with fake IT consulting contract

3 months ago

He could have nicked £7m if he hadn't been caught


MacTel secures AU$20 million cybersecurity contract with ATO

3 months ago

The initial three-year contract will help secure the connection between the ATO's IT environments and the internet.


MacTel secures AU$20 million cybersecurity contract with ATO

4 months ago

The initial three-year contract will help secure the connection between the ATO's IT environments and the internet.


Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report

4 months ago

Hot mic snafu reportedly caught by TV station


Amazon's lawsuit: Trump's behind-the-scenes attacks cost us $10bn JEDI contract

4 months ago

DoD accused of artificially leveling AWS and Microsoft capabilities due to Trump's attacks on Amazon's Jeff Bezos.


Worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free: Amazon's Alexa NHS contract released

4 months ago

But it's all anonymised data so who cares, right?


AWS on Australia's encryption Bill and government-wide contract

4 months ago

The cloud giant's CISO has said his company will advocate 'very strongly' on behalf of its customers where the encryption Bill is concerned, and the company's local MD has said the region is among the most advanced markets in the world.


London cops seeking £600m mega IT contract to knock 'towers' sprawl into 'one throat to choke'

5 months ago



Salesforce plays multi-cloud game with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud as AWS contract likely up for renewal

5 months ago

There's a method to the madness when it comes to Salesforce working with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as its initial deal with AWS runs out.


Use the courts, Jeff: Amazon to contest Microsoft scooping $10bn JEDI contract

5 months ago

Bezos' empire strikes back claiming 'unmistakable bias', self-recused defense chief denies it