Creating a Custom Voice Font with Azure Cognitive Services

2 days ago

Using the custom voice feature in Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services product, you can train a computer to sound like yourself -- or anyone else, for that matter.


Create custom shortcuts, organize them into folders and access it all from the system tray with Jovial Menu

6 days ago

One can only have so many shortcuts on the Taskbar or the desktop. I have about 15 icons sitting on the taskbar, though I do pin and unpin icons occasionally when the […]


Add custom shortcuts to your web browser with Shortkeys

3 weeks ago

Shortkeys is a browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome that allows users to create and use custom keyboard shortcuts in the browsers. Among the many features are options to run […]


Custom UserAgent String is a Firefox extension that lets you set a user-agent on a per-site basis

4 weeks ago

So, Mozilla removed the site specific user-agent override setting from Firefox 71. There is a workaround for this, which as mentioned in the previous article is to use a global user-agent. The […]


Firefox 71: set a custom private browsing search engine

4 months ago

Mozilla plans to integrate a new search-related feature in Firefox 71 that gives users options to set a custom search engine for private browsing. Private browsing is a special browsing mode designed […]


How to enable Ransomware Protection in Windows Defender and add custom folders to it

5 months ago

Windows Defender has been gaining a foothold steadily for the past few years. But there is one flaw in the antivirus that ships with Windows 10. The option for Ransomware Protection is […]