Buy now, pay later: HPE says demand for financing jumps amid pandemic


New leasing and rental options rolled out to tempt buyers stuck in a rut


Microsoft Corrects Misstatement Of 775 Percent Surge In Demand For Cloud Services Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

a week ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The dramatic increase Microsoft reported Saturday was just for its Teams product, and just in Italy, the cloud giant made clear after incorrectly presenting those stats for its complete cloud portfolio in all regions enforcing shelter-in-place mandates.


Microsoft reports a 775% increase in demand for cloud services

a week ago

Microsoft is sharing more guidance around capacity limits it is putting in place for its cloud resources caused by higher-than-usual demand due to COVID-19.


Microsoft: Cloud services demand up 775 percent; prioritization rules in place due to COVID-19

2 weeks ago

Microsoft is sharing more guidance around capacity limits it is putting in place for its cloud resources caused by higher-than-usual demand due to the coronavirus pandemic.


Meeemories, fuel our revenue's incline: Micron sees uptick in PC and data centre demand as WFH becomes new normal

2 weeks ago

Pyjama party for NAND and DRAM flinger


Micron highlights how COVID-19 pandemic is shifting IT demand

2 weeks ago

Data center demand is strong as are remote work tools such as notebooks. Smartphones and consumer electronics demand is weak, according to the storage and memory giant.


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks hardware supply chains and elasticity: 'Bigger issue' is what happens around US and Europe's 'demand side'

2 weeks ago

Staying upright as more restrictions slapped on its clouds


Microsoft throttles some Office 365 services to continue to meet demand

2 weeks ago

Microsoft is making temporary adjustments to OneNote, SharePoint and Stream video conferencing features in order to try to maintain Microsoft 365 and Office 365 performance.


Microsoft Teams Suffers Outage As Demand Surges

3 weeks ago

by Kyle Alspach The outage has mainly affected workers in Europe and comes as more people are logging in from home due to the coronavirus outbreak.


Supply, demand and a scary mountain of debt: The challenges facing IT as COVID-19 grips the global economy

3 weeks ago

Analysis A lack of liquidity is going to cause complicated problems, analysts warn


Wake me up before you go Go: Devs say they'll learn Google-backed lang next. Plus: Perl pays best, Java still in demand

2 months ago

And 2 in 5 programmers gripe they are underpaid


Google ex-employees demand retribution for Thanksgiving massacre

4 months ago

Fired four threaten to file complaint with National Labor Relations Board


Tech jobs: Python programming language and AWS skills demand has exploded

5 months ago

SQL and Java feature the most in US tech job listings, but Python is catching up fast.


Cisco tops Q1 expectations, forecasts Q2 revenue decline, says enterprise demand weaker

5 months ago

For the current quarter, Cisco expects revenue to decline between 3% to 5% decline from the year-ago period.


Intel heralds record third quarter – despite being unable to meet customer demand for new chips

6 months ago

And tears wraps off yet another alleged Arm killer: this time, low-power x86 Tremont cores


Employees Demand Microsoft Cut GitHub's ICE Contract

6 months ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The $200,000 GitHub Enterprise deal, which went through a GitHub reseller, has drawn fire in light of the Trump administration's controversial immigration policies carried about by the federal agency