MasterSeeker is a freeware desktop search application for Windows

3 days ago

We have seen plenty of desktop search applications in the past. There's Everything, which is the favorite of many, UltraSearch or VX Search among other options. If you're looking for something simpler, […]


Microsoft’s Windows Into Azure Plan Breaks Legacy Desktop Deployment Model

a week ago

by Steven Burke We are moving to a world where Windows will be consumed out of Azure with the best security, economics and performance, said IGEL North America CEO Jed Ayres. If you cant find a way to add value to that, you are cooked.


Where are desktop backgrounds (wallpapers) stored in Windows 10?

a week ago

The Windows 10 operating system comes with a set of wallpapers and the ability to refresh wallpapers regularly from a pool of images. The following guide provides users of Windows 10 with […]


Windows Virtual Desktop Service Commercially Available Worldwide

3 weeks ago

Microsoft on Monday announced the worldwide "general availability" of its new Windows Virtual Desktop service. 09/30/2019


Microsoft makes Windows Virtual Desktop generally available globally

3 weeks ago

Microsoft is rolling out its Azure-based Windows Virtual Desktop service and readying some new capabilities around Teams support and MSIX App Attach which could make it even more useful.


File Search Utility is a new desktop search tool

3 weeks ago

File Search Utility is a new desktop search program for Windows, Mac and Linux devices to find files quickly based on certain search parameters. We checked out the Windows version of the […]


Dropbox launches Spaces, new desktop experience that aims to declutter digital workspaces

3 weeks ago

Dropbox held its Work in Progress user conference on Wednesday where the company announced a host of new product experiences and features.


DeepL Translator desktop programs for Windows and Mac

a month ago

The translation service Deepl released desktop programs for Microsoft's Windows and Apple's Mac OS operating system on September 12, 2019. DeepL Translator was launched in August 2017 to provide better translation services […]


Breaking, literally: Microsoft's fix for CPU-hogging Windows bug wrecks desktop search

a month ago

One step forward, er, one step back. Nobody gets too far like that


Microsoft's cloudy Windows Virtual Desktop: It fills a gap, but there are plenty of annoyances

2 months ago

You shall not PaaS? An Ask Me Anything reveals common gripes


NetApp launches virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution for VMware

2 months ago

NetApp also partnered with VMware to jointly engineer the NetApp Kubernetes Service for VMware vSphere and NetApp Deployment Services for HCI on VMware.


Sidebar Diagnostics is an open-source application that displays hardware information on your desktop

2 months ago

Do you want a resource friendly program to keep an eye on your computer's hardware? You should give Sidebar Diagnostics a try. It is a free and open source application. When you […]


Four more years! Four more years! Svelte Linux desktop Xfce gets first big update since 2015

2 months ago


Microsoft Planning To Answer Windows Virtual Desktop Questions Next Week

2 months ago

Microsoft has set aside time to answer questions about its emerging Windows Virtual Desktop service on Wednesday of next week, according to an announcement. 08/19/2019


How long will Microsoft continue to support desktop versions of Office?

2 months ago

The latest version of Microsoft Office for the desktop is Office 2019; the company released Office 2019 in September 2018 and made it a Windows 10 exclusive which means that it supports […]


Microsoft: Windows Virtual Desktop is now 'feature complete'

2 months ago

Next stop for Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop service is general availability, which could happen as soon as September 2019.


Cloud-based virtual desktop provider hit by ransomware

3 months ago

Some customer backup files were encrypted, delaying recovery operations. Outage has now reached a week.


How to load SWF files on the desktop

3 months ago

Adobe will retire Flash in late 2020 and all major browser makers announced that they would end support for Flash in 2020 in the browsers as well. Mozilla will set Flash to […]


A look at VX Search, a desktop search program for Windows

3 months ago

VX Search is a powerful desktop search program for Windows that is available as a free version and commercial versions. Windows Search, the built-in search function of the Windows operating system, does […]


Time to Ryzen shine, Intel: AMD has started shipping 7nm desktop CPUs like it's no big deal

3 months ago