Stiff upper lip time, Brits: After bullying France to drop its digital tax on Silicon Valley, Trump's coming for you next

2 days ago

Macron suspends cyber levy plan after The Donald has a quiet word


Adobe taps former Informatica CEO Chakravarthy to lead its digital experience business

3 weeks ago

The move highlights how Adobe sees data management and integration critical to its expansion efforts.


Singapore tax on overseas digital services kicks in tomorrow

4 weeks ago

Country's GST will be extended to include overseas digital services, including cloud storage, media subscription, and mobile apps, from January 1, 2020, with more than 100 providers of such services registered and slated to begin charging in the new year.


EU wouldn't! Uncle Sam brandishes 'up to 100%' tariffs over France's Digital Services Tax

2 months ago

China is so last year. America (tech giants) first


Digital twins will be like real-life Sim City: Citrix

2 months ago

Safi Obeidullah said the technology will enable businesses to respond faster to change and make more accurate decisions.


DocuSign: How it plans to expand from e-signature to digital transformation engine, agreement cloud

2 months ago

Business revolves around agreements and contracts. Here's DocuSign's plan to move beyond e-signature to be a system of agreements and managing them.


Creating a digital "customer journey" for healthcare patients

2 months ago

Chris Zant, chief digital officer for ConvergeHEALTH at Deloitte Digital, explains how the health sector can create a holistic experience for consumers while drawing important boundaries between marketing and patient services. Read more:


Digital business transformation accelerates: Just ask NCR, Zillow, Axon

3 months ago

The results from NCR, Zillow and Axon highlight how digital business and artificial intelligence and machine learning is transforming industries in a hurry.


Adobe's growth strategy revolves around digital customer experiences, expanding market for creatives

3 months ago

Adobe's investor meeting highlighted how the company is looking to expand beyond CMOs to be integral to CIOs and expanding the definition of creative pro.


Digital Realty chucks $8.4bn at Interxion for colocation mega-merger

3 months ago

Acquisition cracks Europe for US data centre giant


Mobile operators to be stung for 10% of annual turnover if coverage falls short, digital sec warns

3 months ago

Meanwhile, Nicky Morgan hints at imminent decision on Huawei in UK's 5G infrastructure


Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo: Geopolitics, economics and digital giants to have biggest impact on organizations

3 months ago

CIOs can succeed if they focus on a blend of traditional and digital issues for their organizations.


DFAT seeks to upgrade its digital asset management system with SaaS

4 months ago

New system be used to create, share, and access existing and future digital assets such as images, videos, audios, multimedia items, and documents.


HMRC chief digital wonk Jacky Wright takes flight back to Microsoft's light

4 months ago

'I am so proud of all that we have achieved in my two years'


Oracle Places Its Bets On The Rise Of Digital Assistants In The Workplace

4 months ago

by Diana Blass Oracle unveiled new AI voice commands to its digital assistant at OpenWorld 2019, along with new integrations with Microsoft Teams.


How Dropbox wants to declutter your digital workspace

4 months ago

ZDNet's Natalie Gagliordi explains that through a series of new platform updates, Dropbox is trying to help workers manage the rats nest of digital files, apps and channels that clog their screens. Read more:


Dropbox launches Spaces, new desktop experience that aims to declutter digital workspaces

4 months ago

Dropbox held its Work in Progress user conference on Wednesday where the company announced a host of new product experiences and features.


German ministry hellbent on taking back control of 'digital sovereignty', cutting dependency on Microsoft

4 months ago

'Pain points' include data collection, lock-in and uncontrollable costs


Western Digital: We're just about DDN with these data centre systems

4 months ago

IntelliFlash flogged to big data storage firm, ActiveScale on the block


You can trust us to run a digital currency – we're Facebook: Exec begs Europe not to ban Libra

4 months ago

His persuasive argument? You’re wrong – we know better about this money stuff