HPE fixes another SAS SSD death bug: This time, drives will conk out after 40,000 hours of operation

2 weeks ago

Get your patch in place to avoid future data loss


Japanese firm announces potential 80TB hard drives

a month ago

Using some very fancy physics for stacking electrons, Showa Denko K.K. plans to quadruple the top end of proposed capacity.


Market shift to public cloud drives Data#3 profits up nearly 42%

2 months ago

It comes as public cloud revenues skyrocketed by 77% for the half year to 31 December.


Ah, night shift in the 1970s. Ciggies, hipflasks, ADVENT... and fault-prone disk drives the size of washing machines

2 months ago

Starting from scratch. A really big scratch


Valuable personal info leaks from Facebook – not Zuck selling it, unencrypted hard drives of staff data stolen

4 months ago

Car smash-and-grab ends with loss of payroll details for 20,000 employees


SSD vs. HDD: Choosing between solid-state and hard-disk drives

4 months ago

Hard disk drives may be headed into history, but before the last drive spins down, IT teams will need to navigate an HDD-to-SSD transition period. Here's a look at current options and best practices.


Tune in and watch online today: How modern data architecture drives cloud transformation

5 months ago

Webcast From digital strategy to data practicality with the clever folks at Qumulo


Watch online: How data architecture drives cloud transformation in the enterprise

5 months ago

Webcast Join us and Qumulo next month to explore and discuss digital strategy to data practicality


Good news – America's nuke arsenal to swap eight-inch floppy disks for solid-state drives

6 months ago

You could say the US has... stiffened its defenses. Get it? Sti – OK, you get it


Holy MAMR: Western Digital's 18TB and 20TB microwave disk drives out soon

7 months ago

Skipping over 16TB capacity point, no volume ships until mid-2020, though


File Copier: copy damaged files from discs or hard drives

7 months ago

File Copier is a free program for Microsoft Windows devices designed to copy corrupt or damaged files from optical discs or hard drives. Note: The program requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 […]