Salesforce launches Salesforce CMS to meld content, data across screens, enterprises

2 weeks ago

Salesforce CMS aims to meld content, data, personalization and an enterprise need to collapse multiple content systems lying around.


Enterprises tap edge computing for IoT analytics

a month ago

IoT deployments are fueling investments in edge computing infrastructure, including edge gateways and hyperconverged infrastructure.


Firefox Premium for Enterprises is now available

2 months ago

Organizations that run the Firefox web browser in Enterprise environments may subscribe to a newly established Premium plan to extend support. Firefox Premium Support is a new offer for Enterprises that provides […]


Virtually all polled enterprises say they'll use SD-WAN in next two years. Do you know what it is? Let us fill you in

3 months ago

Backgrounder SD-WAN, bam, thank you, ma'am


Storage management a weak area for most enterprises

4 months ago

Companies are adopting technology for such things as AI, machine learning, edge computing and IoT, but still use legacy storage that can't handle those workloads.


Amazon dominates IaaS cloud services market, small enterprises lose out

4 months ago

The market is going from strength to strength but is dominated by a chosen few.