Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talks hardware supply chains and elasticity: 'Bigger issue' is what happens around US and Europe's 'demand side'

2 weeks ago

Staying upright as more restrictions slapped on its clouds


Brexit Britain changes its mind, says non, nein, no to Europe's unified patent court – potentially sealing its fate

a month ago

+Comment decision to back out of UPC smacks of ideology over commonsense


One man’s mistake, missing backups and complete reboot: The tale of Europe’s Galileo satellites going dark

5 months ago

Also organizational chaos, secrecy and self-regulation


Europe's cloud computing plan won't do much to scare the US giants

5 months ago

Europe wants to build its own cloud computing giants, but without greater clarity and a lot more ambition it isn't likely to get very far.


Haunted by Europe's GDPR, ICANN sharpens wooden stake to finally slay the Whois vampire

5 months ago

Whois to become Whoisn't