Nine words to ruin your Monday: Emergency Internet Explorer patch amid in-the-wild attacks


2 months ago

Update browser ASAP after Google gurus spot miscreants abusing bug to hijack PCs


Microsoft releases emergency Internet Explorer security update


2 months ago

Microsoft released an out-of-band emergency security update for Internet Explorer on September 23, 2019 for all supported versions of Windows. The emergency update is only available on the Microsoft Update Catalog website […]


Add shortcuts to the toolbar and context menu in File Explorer using StExBar


2 months ago

Windows may have evolved over the years but the file explorer that ships with it has not evolved all that much. We have seen plenty of replacement File Managers like Altap Salamander, […]


Tablacus Explorer is a file manager with a tabbed interface and a ton of add-ons


3 months ago

We have reviewed many file managers here, the most recent one was an old-school looking one called FAR Manager. Let's take a look at a different file manager: Tablacus Explorer. Tablacus Explorer […]


Only Microsoft Edge Enterprise will support Internet Explorer Mode


4 months ago

Work on the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge continues. Microsoft has published beta versions of the upcoming web browser for various operating systems up until now. The company uses the same classifications […]