Make YouTube faster on Firefox with this extension


5 days ago

Google launched a new design of the company's YouTube website recently that made the site slow on Firefox when compared to Google Chrome. Firefox users who open YouTube in the browser may […]


Download images easily with the Double-click Image Downloader extension for Chrome and Firefox


a week ago

Occasionally you may run into some websites don't allow you to download images from their servers. It may be a precautionary measure to prevent others from re-using the pictures, or as part […]


automaticDark is a Firefox extension that can switch to dark theme automatically on a schedule


2 weeks ago

Firefox has a really cool native dark theme. You're probably aware of this, but in case you don't know, you can switch to it from the add-ons page: select the themes option […]


US telcos tossed yet another extension to keep going with Huawei kit despite America's 'security threat' concerns


3 weeks ago

It's clearly not a pressing issue – this is the fourth time now


Smart RSS Reader is a feed reader extension for Firefox and Chrome


3 weeks ago

Web based feed readers are kind of a pain to use. They often implement changes that you don't want, while taking away features that you like.  Local readers are much better when […]


Humble New Tab Page is an elegant new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome


3 weeks ago

There are many new tab replacements available for Firefox and Chrome. One of my favorites is Group Speed Dial. But if what you want is something simpler and elegant, Humble New Tab […]


The Microsoft Edge extension store is finally getting some traction


4 weeks ago

Microsoft released the new Chromium-based web browser on January 15, 2020 officially. With the new browser came a new add-ons store for it that Microsoft launched as a beta. While still in […]


Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension for organizing your tabs


a month ago

Simple Tab Groups is a Firefox extension that can help you organize your tabs. The extension was inspired by one with a similar name, Tab Groups. The extension includes five plugins (add-ons […]


Check file hashes from the Explorer context menu with the OpenHashTab shell extension


a month ago

OpenHashTab is an open source utility that can be used to check file hashes from the Explorer context menu. Install the application and restart any Explorer window that is open so that […]


Open in Browser is a Firefox extension that opens PDFs, images directly instead of downloading them


a month ago

Firefox as you know, has built-in support for viewing some document formats like TXT, PDF, XML and image formats. But sometimes you get a download dialog open up, instead of the content […]


Microsoft backtracks on 'Bing-jacking' Chrome with its Microsoft Search extension


2 months ago

Sanity prevails: Microsoft is no longer planning to automatically deploy its Microsoft Search in Bing browser extension to Office 365 ProPlus users.


Canary-build Microsoft browser blocks Microsoft extension from inflicting Microsoft search engine


2 months ago

Virtue is its own reward


uBlock Origin author's latest extension CCaptioner is now available


2 months ago

CCaptioner is a new extension by Raymond Hill (gorhill), creator of uBlock Origin, that may be used to add text tracks to HTML5 video elements. The extension is available for Firefox and […]


Save Page WE is a Firefox and Chrome extension that can save webpages as HTML files


2 months ago

Having a resource available offline is often a good idea as you can access it at any time without having to worry about Internet connectivity or availability of the resource on the […]


Block websites with a master password using the Block Site extension for Firefox and Chrome


2 months ago

Do you share your computer with someone? Do you want to restrict access to some websites in Firefox and Chrome? Or do you want to limit your access to sites in those […]


Google halts paid-for Chrome extension updates amid fraud surge: Web Store in lockdown 'due to the scale of abuse'


2 months ago

Meanwhile, probe reveals how Avast's 'anonymized' user data can be, er, deanonymized


Google blocks paid Chrome extension publishing and updating


2 months ago

Google Chrome extension developers who try to publish new paid extensions for the Chrome web browser or update existing ones started to notice last week that Google would reject these outright with […]


Microsoft will install a Bing Search extension in Chrome on some customer systems


2 months ago

Microsoft revealed today that it plans to install an extension in Google Chrome called Microsoft Search in Bing for some customers that will make Bing the default search engine in the browser […]


Cookie Quick Manager is a Firefox extension that lets you Search, Delete, Protect site-specific cookies


2 months ago

Firefox users know that there are many ways to protect their online privacy. One extension that can help you with this is Cookie Quick Manager. You may consider it as an alternative […]


Save text snippets and paste them quickly with the Clippings extension for Firefox and Thunderbird


3 months ago

Clippings has been featured on gHacks before as part of the best add-ons for Thunderbird. But did you know that it is also available for Firefox? The extension can do two things: […]