Mozilla won't follow Google in limiting APIs in coming Extensions Manifest v3


2 months ago

Google revealed some time ago that it was working on a new Extensions Manifest file for the Chrome web browser. The company published an early draft of the Manifest v3 file and […]


How to add an extensions menu to Microsoft Edge (Chromium)


2 months ago

The latest Canary version of the upcoming Microsoft Edge browser that is based on Chromium supports an extensions menu to improve extension manageability; when enabled, it reduces space on the toolbar but […]


Chrome Web Store has 188k extensions with at least 1.2 billion installs


3 months ago

The Chrome Web Store for Chrome extensions hosts more than 188k extensions that have a total installation count of at least 1.23 billion; a scan by Extension Monitor brought additional details to […]


Mozilla recommends a Firefox extensions that appears to be a copycat


3 months ago

Mozilla maintains a list of recommended extensions for the Firefox web browser that it highlights on the official Mozilla AMO add-ons website and also in Firefox in various ways. The system used […]


How to search all Chrome extensions for the dangerous unsafe-eval


3 months ago

In this guide, I will show you how you can search all installed Chrome extensions for the dangerous unsafe-eval content security policy. The method may also work for extensions installed in other […]


Extensions are still collecting and selling your browsing data


3 months ago

Browser extensions may be very powerful; they may add features to web browsers, make browsing more productive, and do all sorts of things. While most browser extensions are safe to use, there […]


First Chrome browser with Manifest V3 for extensions expected in late July


4 months ago

The first public version of the upcoming Manifest V3 for Chrome extensions is expected to be released in late July or beginning of August. Google published an early draft of the new […]


A wave of malware add-ons hit the Mozilla Firefox Extensions Store


5 months ago

If you browse the official Mozilla store for Firefox extensions, called Mozilla AMO, you may stumble upon extensions that have names of popular software products or extensions. Extensions like Adobe Flash Player […]


Not all extensions will be supported in Thunderbird 68


5 months ago

While Thunderbird 60.7.0 will be released later today, work continues on the next major release of the email client, Thunderbird 68.0. Thunderbird development is closely tied to the development of Firefox ESR. […]


Enable new Firefox Recommended Extensions suggestions in Firefox 68 Nightly


5 months ago

Mozilla announced the launch of the Firefox Recommended Extensions program in April 2019 to increase the visibility of extensions and promote them better. The program differs from Mozilla's current practice of displaying […]


Your Firefox extensions are all disabled? That's a bug!


6 months ago

Some Firefox users started to notice that installed browser extensions were all disabled in the web browser suddenly. Extensions would display "could not be verified for use in Firefox and has been […]


Verify Google Chrome extensions before you install them


6 months ago

Google Chrome extensions can extend the functionality of the web browser or make life easier while browsing the Web. While that is the case, they may also be abused by companies to […]


Firefox users: name your essential extensions


6 months ago

The add-on system of the Firefox web browser is without doubt one of the browser's strongest features. It is superior to what other browsers have to offer as it lets developers do […]


Mozilla to enable Media Source Extensions (MSE) for all websites in Firefox 42


6 months ago

If things go as planned, Media Source Extensions (MSE) will be available for all websites from Firefox 42 on. The technology, used by a variety of sites and services to stream HTML5 […]


Two new Chrome accessibility extensions released by Google


6 months ago

Google's Accessibility team has released two new Chrome extensions recently that improve the browser's accessibility in two specific ways. Animation Policy is a Chrome extension that gives you more control over animated […]


Mozilla drops support for binary components in extensions


6 months ago

In what appears to be a rather rushed decision, Mozilla disabled supported for binary XPCOM components in extensions in the Gecko engine when Firefox 40 is released. While it is being introduced […]


Would you use Microsoft Edge if it supported your favorite extensions


6 months ago

Microsoft Spartan Edge is a browser in-development that will ship with Windows 10 later this year. In fact, it will replace Internet Explorer as the default web browser on the system. I […]


First look at Opera's Sidebar Extensions implementation


6 months ago

Opera Software's work on the Opera browser continues. One of the recent additions to the browser are so-called sidebar extensions which, as the name suggests, are browser extensions designed specifically for Opera's […]


The best music streaming extensions for Google Chrome


6 months ago

I don't listen to music on the computer when I'm working as I find it too distracting. I do like to play music on the other hand in the background when I […]