View all your tabs in one place, search, move them between windows with Tab Manager Plus for Firefox and Chrome

13 hrs ago

There are plenty of add-ons that make tab management easier in Firefox. Tab Session Manager, Foxy Tab, Tree Style Tab are some good options that come to mind. Tab Manager Plus is […]


Mozilla won't delay Firefox releases (but some features may be delayed)

3 days ago

Mozilla won't change the schedule of Firefox releases for the moment according to a schedule update published on the official Mozilla Wiki website. Several browser makers, software developers and hardware manufacturers announced […]


Make YouTube faster on Firefox with this extension

5 days ago

Google launched a new design of the company's YouTube website recently that made the site slow on Firefox when compared to Google Chrome. Firefox users who open YouTube in the browser may […]


Firefox Better Web with Scroll: experimental subscription-based service launches

7 days ago

Mozilla launched Firefox Better Web with Scroll today as an experimental service in the United States. Firefox Better Web with Scroll is a subscription-based service that aims to provide an ad-free environment […]


Firefox 76 gets optional HTTPS-only mode

7 days ago

Mozilla plans to introduce an optional HTTPS-only mode in Firefox 76 which only allows connections to HTTPS sites. Most Internet sites use HTTPS already to improve the security of connections. HTTPS encrypts […]


Firefox will soon support hardware media controls

a week ago

Mozilla enabled support for the Media Session API in Firefox 76 Nightly recently. The plan is to introduce the API in stable versions of the Firefox web browser soon. One of the […]


Download images easily with the Double-click Image Downloader extension for Chrome and Firefox

a week ago

Occasionally you may run into some websites don't allow you to download images from their servers. It may be a precautionary measure to prevent others from re-using the pictures, or as part […]


Firefox to burn FTP out of its browser, starting slowly in version 77 due in April

a week ago

Already sin-binned it in 2018, will keep it around in extended support until 2021, and is way behind Chrome


Mozilla will remove FTP support in the Firefox web browser

2 weeks ago

Mozilla plans to disable and later on remove support for the FTP protocol in the organization's Firefox web browser this year. Discussions about ending FTP support date back to 2015 when Google […]


Firefox may soon ask for the Windows Password to interact with saved passwords

2 weeks ago

Mozilla plans to introduce a change to the password management system of the organization's Firefox web browser on Windows that improves the security of the data. Firefox users may save logins using […]


automaticDark is a Firefox extension that can switch to dark theme automatically on a schedule

2 weeks ago

Firefox has a really cool native dark theme. You're probably aware of this, but in case you don't know, you can switch to it from the add-ons page: select the themes option […]


Firefox OS Successor: Mozilla and KaiOS announce partnership

2 weeks ago

Firefox OS, formerly known as Boot2Gecko, was Mozilla's attempt at establishing a mobile operating system. First designed as an open alternative to the rising Android and iOS operating systems, then with a […]


Firefox 74 slams Facebook in solitary confinement: Browser add-on stops social network stalking users across the web

3 weeks ago

Prompt to install enhanced extension is the first thing you'll see


Firefox Preview 4.0 Stable brings uBlock Origin support

3 weeks ago

Mozilla released Firefox Preview 4.0 on March 9, 2020, the latest stable version of the upcoming re-interpretation of Firefox for Android. The new browser version is only available on the project's GitHub […]


Smart RSS Reader is a feed reader extension for Firefox and Chrome

3 weeks ago

Web based feed readers are kind of a pain to use. They often implement changes that you don't want, while taking away features that you like.  Local readers are much better when […]


Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 74.0 Stable

3 weeks ago

Firefox 74.0 is the latest stable version of the web browser. Its release date is March 10, 2020. All major Firefox channels are updated as well. Firefox Beta and Firefox Dev receive […]


Humble New Tab Page is an elegant new tab replacement extension for Firefox and Chrome

3 weeks ago

There are many new tab replacements available for Firefox and Chrome. One of my favorites is Group Speed Dial. But if what you want is something simpler and elegant, Humble New Tab […]


Firefox 75 will purge site data if associated with tracking cookies

4 weeks ago

Mozilla plans to integrate a change in Firefox 75 to improve the privacy of users of the web browser further. The organization plans to purge site data of sites associated with tracking […]


Firefox 75 drops HTTPS and WWW from address bar results

a month ago

Mozilla plans to hide the HTTPS and WWW parts of web addresses in the list of suggestions that the Firefox web browser displays when users type in the browser's address bar. Firefox, […]


It took Google three years to add Firefox, Edge and Opera support to Google Earth

a month ago

When Google unveiled the new Google Earth back in 2017, it switched Google Earth from being a desktop application to a web application. The company made Google Earth Chrome-exclusive at the time […]