A look at Firefox's upcoming Picture-in-Picture mode

3 months ago

Mozilla revealed that it was working on a Picture-in-Picture mode for the Firefox web browser back in February. Designed to play videos in a small overlay on the screen, Picture-in-Picture mode allows […]


How to restore the green lock icon in Firefox's address bar

3 months ago

Mozilla's Firefox web browser used to display a green padlock icon in the browser's address bar when secure sites were opened in the browser. Additionally, the browser would display extended information for […]


FireMonkey uses Firefox's official API for userscripts and userstyles

4 months ago

FireMonkey is a new browser extension for the Firefox web browser that enables users to manage userscripts and userstyles using the userscripts API that Mozilla introduced in Firefox recently. The extension offers […]


Mozilla revamps Firefox's HTTPS address bar information

5 months ago

Mozilla plans to make changes to the information that the organization's Firefox browser displays in its address bar when it connects to sites. Firefox displays an i-icon and a lock symbol currently […]