Google improves Site Isolation in Chrome 77, adds it to Android

21 hrs ago

Google rolled out the security feature Site Isolation back in 2018 when it released Chrome 67 to the public. Site Isolation was limited to desktop versions of the Chrome web browser back […]


Infrastructure as Code could be game-changing for your business: Learn more with Google Cloud


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Hands off our phones, says Google: Radar-gesture-sensing Pixel 4 just $999 with a 3-year lifespan – great value!

2 days ago

Video You're probably holding it wrong already


Google Cloud brings Security Health Analytics into beta

3 days ago

The security feature in Google's Cloud Security Command Center is also now fully certified by the Center for Internet Security.


Google Pixel 4 available in Singapore from October 24

4 days ago

Priced from SG$1,119, the latest Pixel range can be purchased directly from Google or local telco StarHub, as well as at electronic retail chains Challenger and Courts from October 24, with pre-orders now open to customers.


How to Change the Language in Google Chrome

4 days ago

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How to Change the Language in Google Chrome

4 days ago

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Google is testing memory reducing Tab Freeze functionality in Chrome

5 days ago

Google is testing a new memory reducing feature in the company's Chrome web browser currently that freezes background tabs to reduce memory consumption of the web browser. Chrome is the most popular […]


The end of uBlock Origin for Google Chrome?

7 days ago

There has been lots of talk about Google's proposed changes to the Chrome web browser's extensions system and how these changes would affect content blockers and other extensions. The new manifest file […]


Google One offers more online disk space, little else

2 weeks ago

Unlike other cloud storage vendors, Google wraps up extra capacity into a kind of membership program with a host of benefits, but it falls short of its promise.


Google to Android users: Your Docs, Sheets, and Slides are getting a new look

2 weeks ago

Google's office productivity apps on Android have been given the Material Design treatment.


Google causes more facial-recog pain, machine learning goes quantum ­– and how to lose a job if an AI doesn't like your face

2 weeks ago

Roundup Also, TensorFlow 2.0 is finally out, and more


Google Drive: How cloud storage and deep search saved my day -- again and again

2 weeks ago

Once more, cloud storage and good online search have helped solve a serious document retrieval problem. In this case study, David Gewirtz explains how Google Drive helped him get the job done.


Google sounds the alarm over Android flaw being exploited in the wild, possibly by NSO

2 weeks ago

Pixel, S-Series, Moto Z3 among vulnerable gear


Google Maps gets Incognito fig leaf: We'll give you vague peace of mind if you hold off those privacy laws

2 weeks ago

Location data is likely to remain accessible to web ads giant, network service providers, apps


UpCurve Cloud Teams With Avant To Deliver Google G Suite Through Telco Agents

2 weeks ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The Los Angeles-based cloud services provider sees a unique opportunity in the market to extend Google's channel by inking deals with master agents.


£3bn Google sueball over Safari Workaround bounces through UK Court of Appeal

2 weeks ago

Warning shot at big tech firms, says one-time Which? director


Google Password audits all your passwords to reveal weak, reused or compromised passwords

2 weeks ago

Google Password, an online service that stores passwords of user accounts, may now audit all stored passwords to reveal weak, reused or compromised passwords to the account owner. The company announced the […]


Make your multi-cloud dream come true: Find out how with experts from Google Cloud

2 weeks ago

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Google will not donate Knative framework 'to any foundation for the foreseeable future'

2 weeks ago

Community dismayed as key Kubernetes project to remain in Chocolate Factory hands