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Google starts integration of password checker in Chrome browser

2 days ago

Google's Chrome web browser supports password saving and management options just like any other modern web browser. The browser offers to save passwords by default when it recognizes that a user enters […]


Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft & others join new security-focused industry group

3 days ago

New Confidential Computing Consortium will promote the use of TEEs (trusted execution environments).


Ghacks Deals: Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified In 2 Days (just $13.99)

4 days ago

The Google Analytics Certification: Get Certified In 2 Days is designed for users of all experience levels; ideal for beginning webmasters and those that want to use Google Analytics to its fullest […]


Generous Google gives Chrome users Inbox Zero: Sign-in outage boots own browser out of webmail, services

5 days ago

Baffling bug forces folks to use Safari, IE, etc


Can't log in to Google? Services reported down for some users

5 days ago

No, it's not just you. Google's login services are failing for many people in the US on the afternoon of August 19th.


Google Chrome 82 won't support FTP anymore

a week ago

Google Chrome 82 won't support FTP anymore according to the recently published "Intent to Deprecate: FTP Support" document by Google. All modern web browsers support FTP at the time of writing. Users […]


Google employees protest: 'Don't bid for border control cloud contract'

a week ago

Google workers are demanding the company doesn't bid for an immigration contract, even though it already supplies the agency with cloud services.


Google for Education launches originality reports to curb student plagiarism, outlines Assignments for higher ed

a week ago

The feature, called originality reports, allows instructors and students to check work to ensure it is cited properly and avoid plagiarism.


Apple is a filthy AWS, Azure, Google reseller, gripe punters: iPhone giant accused of hiding iCloud's real backend

a week ago

Breach of contract, false advertising, unfair business practices sueball fired


How to disable OK Google and Google Assistant on Android devices

2 weeks ago

Many Android devices come with Google applications and services, even if the device is not a device created by Google itself but by another company. Google Assistant is available as a standalone […]


Google Reminders to require Google Assistant

2 weeks ago

Google is rolling out a change currently on Android that affects customers who use the Reminders feature of the Google application. The Google application is installed on many Android devices and one […]


Here's to beer, without which we'd never have the audacity to Google an error message at 3am

2 weeks ago

On Call But hey, the first result worked and you're a legend


Google Maps integrates more travel data, AR in an artful data mashup

2 weeks ago

Yes, Google Maps is integrating augmented reality and hotel and flight reservations. But the big picture revolves around how Google can integrate data and its search into multiple venues.


Not everyone likes the new Google Images preview format

2 weeks ago

More and more users of Google Images, the image search engine operated by Google, are switched over to a new display format and design. Google Images is a popular search engine to […]


Choc-blocked: AWS sues sales exec for legging it to Google Cloud. Yup, another bitter battle over non-compete clauses

3 weeks ago

Amazon demands restraining order preventing bod from jumping ship to Chocolate Factory


Google: Search engines should pay for recommendation on Android

3 weeks ago

Android devices operated in the European Union will soon display a selection of search engines to users. Three search engines, next to Google Search, which is the default on most Android devices, […]


Google shores up G Suite against hapless users in the enterprise: App whitelist, physical security keys, and more

3 weeks ago

Notable omission from list of trusted stuff? Microsoft Outlook