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Sundar Pichai To Lead Both Google And Alphabet; Larry Page, Sergey Brin Step Down

2 days ago

by David Harris Pichai will be the executive responsible and accountable for leading Google, and managing Alphabets investment in our portfolio of Other Bets.


EFF warns of 'one-way mirror' of web surveillance by tech giants – led by Google

2 days ago

Online tracking report explores persistent privacy problems


Larry leaves, Sergey splits: Google lads hand over Alphabet reins to Sundar Pichai

2 days ago

Sergey leaves his first love… again


Google fell for a real Looker, but now Brit competition watchdog's probing data biz slurp

3 days ago

Got a problem with $2.6bn deal? The CMA wants to hear from you


Explain yourself, mister: Fresh efforts at Google to understand why an AI system says yes or no

5 days ago

Chief scientist reveals why company hasn't released an API for facial recognition


Gareth Southgate On Google Cloud Empowering English Football

5 days ago

by Donna Goodison We needed to modernize our thinking, says Gareth Southgate, manager of Englands national senior mens football team. In the early stages, that's hard because of high turnover of staff, reluctance to move forward with new ideas. It's a change project, and that's always going to find resistance.


Google caught a Russian state hacker crew uploading badness to the Play Store

6 days ago

Adtech firm also sent 12k phishing warnings to users of its services


Cloud Print becomes the latest product to face Google death squad

a week ago

Users have just over a year to find a better solution.


Robert Enslin On Google Cloud’s Seven-Month Building Tear: Exclusive

2 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison 'We know that we want to actually scale the organization rapidly, says Robert Enslin, Google Cloud's president of global customer operations. 'I knew a lot of talent in the industry and so did (CEO Thomas Kurian), so we knew pretty quickly what we wanted to do to achieve that level of scale.'


Azure AD B2B Now Accepts Google IDs for Log-In

2 weeks ago

In preview since last year, a feature that lets users of the Google identity and access service use their personal log-in IDs with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory B2B service is now generally available.


Amnesty slams Facebook, Google over 'pervasive surveillance' business model

2 weeks ago

Rights warriors want governments to actually, y'know, do something – anything


20 Minutes With Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian At Next '19 UK

2 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison A lot of enterprises have four or five workloads that dominate their IT landscape, and one of the gaps we had earlier is we didn't have solutions for them, says Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. As we shifted into enterprise, we had to provide tools to migrate the existing estates that they had.


Google shuts down its Cloud Print service after 10-year Beta

2 weeks ago

Google revealed plans to shut down Cloud Print, a cloud-based printing solution, at the end of 2020 permanently. The company launched Cloud Print back in 2010 as a solution to print from […]


After Google Cloud and AWS, Salesforce adds Microsoft's Azure to its portfolio

2 weeks ago

Salesforce has cloud agreements to use Amazon's and Google's clouds for various workloads, making it a multi-cloud poster child.


Whoa! Google to power Amazon's internet. Wait, oh, not that Amazon. The other one. The rainforest

2 weeks ago

While there's still a rainforest left, that is


After 10 years, Google Cloud Print will finally be out of beta... straight into ad giant's graveyard

2 weeks ago

Not so much 'going gold' as 'growing cold'


Cloud Print becomes the latest product to face Google death squad

2 weeks ago

Users have just over a year to find a better solution.


Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian’s 9 Boldest Statements At Next ’19 UK

2 weeks ago

by Donna Goodison 'We give you this platform to paint a new vision for your company, to imagine what was once considered impossible and to transform the way you serve customers in every industry,' says Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian.


Google IDs on Azure Active Directory B2B Service Now at 'General Availability'

2 weeks ago

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that users of the Google identity and access service can use their personal log-in IDs with the Azure Active Directory B2B service to access resources as "guests." 11/20/2019


Cloud nine to cloud nein: Google beefs up punters' data encryption to fend off cyber-thieves

2 weeks ago

Just don't forget where you put your keys and you'll be fine