Google's pitch to retailers: We'll help you, from search to supply chain

a week ago

As retailers at NRF flesh out digital strategies to keep Amazon at bay, Google is introducing new tools to help across their transformation.


DuckDuckGo is the clear winner of Google's first Android search provider auction

2 weeks ago

Google announced plans in 2019 to auction off three of the four positions of a new search provider selection screen on Android devices that are set up for the first time from […]


Fuming French monopoly watchdog is so incensed by Google's 'random' web ad rules, it's fining the US giant, er, <1% annual profit

a month ago

Payer cette petite amende, s'il vous plaît


Google’s Five-Year Plan For GCP Has Funding Strings Attached: Report

a month ago

by Joseph Tsidulko The Information reports that Alphabet leadership briefly considered leaving the cloud infrastructure market in 2018 due to concerns over profitability. While they ultimately opted to invest in a buildout, long-term funding looks contingent on Google Cloud leapfrogging Microsoft in market share by 2023


Are you writing code for ambient computing? No? Don't even know? Ch-uh. Google's 'write once, run anywhere' Flutter is all over it

a month ago

Techies lay out modest ambition to provide development framework for everything. Where have we heard that before?


Anthos: Google's bid for Kubernetes differentiation ... and market share

2 months ago

Interview Customers don't want open-source K8s in production, claims Google


US federal regulator looks into Google's latest health venture

2 months ago

Google defends its Project Nightingale deal with Ascension, which involves access to detailed patient records.


Google's new AI tool could help decode the mysterious algorithms that decide everything

2 months ago

The search giant launches "Explainable AI" to make algorithms more transparent and customers less confused.


Google’s CloudSimple Acquisition Puts Heat On VMware Cloud On AWS

2 months ago

by Mark Haranas Google Cloud has acquired CloudSimple, a startup focused on enabling VMware customers to move workloads to the public cloud.


Google's plan to collect health data on millions of Americans faces federal inquiry

2 months ago

Google defends its Project Nightingale deal with Ascension, which involves access to detailed patient records.


Top American watchdog refuses to release infamous 2012 dossier into Google’s anti-competitive behavior

3 months ago

FTC tells Senator staff reports are confidential


Google's Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest: More about software, ambient system strategy than hardware

3 months ago

Google's Made by Google hardware event and launch of the Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go and Nest Mini is about the software and system approach than the actual device. Is that enough to compete with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft?


Google’s $2.6 Billion Looker Deal Under Greater DOJ Review: Report

3 months ago

by Donna Goodison The DOJs antitrust division is conducting a deep review of the proposed tie-up, according to a report, which says investigators have initiated a 'second request' for information from Google and Looker to assess whether the deal will harm competition.


Can Amazon and Microsoft challenge Apple and Google's grip on app stores?

3 months ago

Move over, Google and Apple. Consumers want and deserve another option that is free from your undue influence. Read more:


Salesforce: Why we ditched Python for Google's Go language in Einstein Analytics

4 months ago

Salesforce explains why Google's Go programming language is a better fit than Python and C for Einstein Analytics.