Autonomy did count some hardware sales as marketing costs, ex-finance bod tells High Court


3 weeks ago

Autonomy trial HP bad, Deloitte and Lynch and Hussain good, says current Invoke Capital bod


AgaueEye is a free hardware monitoring tool that displays an overlay when gaming


a month ago

If you have watched gaming benchmark videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that there is usually an overlay at the top left corner to display the system's performance. AgaueEye is a […]


Intel end-of-lifing BIOS and driver downloads for dusty hardware


2 months ago

You have four days left to nab what you need


Google's Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go, Nest: More about software, ambient system strategy than hardware


3 months ago

Google's Made by Google hardware event and launch of the Pixel 4, Pixelbook Go and Nest Mini is about the software and system approach than the actual device. Is that enough to compete with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft?


HP to hike upfront price of printer hardware as ink biz growth runs dry


4 months ago

Incoming unit prez revokes licence to print money


Sidebar Diagnostics is an open-source application that displays hardware information on your desktop


5 months ago

Do you want a resource friendly program to keep an eye on your computer's hardware? You should give Sidebar Diagnostics a try. It is a free and open source application. When you […]


How To Refresh Hyper-V Hardware, Part 2: Managing Replication Traffic


6 months ago

The final part of Brien's Hyper-V upgrade involves using a 10GbE connection for replication traffic -- without having access to enterprise-class hardware. 08/01/2019


How To Refresh Hyper-V Hardware, Part 1: Get Your Versions Straight


6 months ago

The first half of Brien's project to replace his outdated Hyper-V servers took nearly 10 days and multiple replication failures. Here's what went wrong and how he fixed it. 07/30/2019


How AI will transform the next wave of computing software and hardware


7 months ago

Machine learning, especially deep learning, is forcing a re-evaluation of how chips and systems are designed that will change the direction of the industry for decades to come.


Enterpise hardware makers cry out as hyperscalers clip infrastructure spending


7 months ago

Still said to be worth around $66.9bn in 2019


Tyan's early hardware for Nvidia's shiny new EGX platform is *ta-da* a bargain-basement server


8 months ago

No magic here, just lots of chunky GPUs


Microsoft reserves right to block counterfeit games and disable unauthorized hardware


9 months ago

While things look as if they are on track for Microsoft in regards to the rapid distribution of its new operating system Windows 10 -- the company wants to push it on […]


Firefox OS-powered Chromecast alternative MatchStick: better hardware, open, cheaper


9 months ago

Update: The Matchstick project team announced yesterday that it made the decision to cancel the project and refund the money. MatchStick is an open Google Chromecast alternative that is based on Firefox […]


How to display the temperature of your PC's hardware components


9 months ago

I tend to get more calls and emails asking for help with computer related problems in Summer than in any other season. The core reason for that -- it is not scientific […]


How to fix "Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)"


9 months ago

I experienced issues connecting my smartphone to my Windows 7 PC ever since I replaced my Samsung Galaxy Note II with the Motorola Moto G. Nothing happened whenever I plugged the USB […]


Hardware Identify creates a detailed PC hardware profile


9 months ago

One of the things that I always do when I'm buying a new PC is to verify that the built-in hardware is identical to the one advertised by the company. I would […]


DUMo scans your system for hardware driver updates


9 months ago

The new program Drivers Update Monitor (DUMo) tries to become for drivers what the Software Update Monitor is for programs: a go-to program to quickly check if updates are available to download […]


Should you buy computer hardware locally or on the Internet?


9 months ago

Back in the pre-Internet days, you had two options in regards to buying computer hardware. You could head out to a local store and see what was on offer there, or use […]


Firefox starting slow? Try disabling hardware acceleration


9 months ago

The Firefox web browser is loading all web pages pretty fast on my system, not slower than Google Chrome for example, and also starting up just fine and in a matter of […]


CPU-Z tells you all there is to know about your Android hardware


9 months ago

CPU-Z is a popular software for Windows that provides you with detailed information about the computer's processor, mainboard, and other hardware related information. It is great for finding out which cpu is […]