You can delete Chrome or Firefox history records in BrowsingHistoryView now


4 months ago

BrowsingHistoryView is a portable application for Windows by Nirsoft that users could use up until now to view the browsing history of multiple browsers in a single interface. The latest update of […]


Use these extensions to delete your Firefox browsing history automatically and to clear the cache with a single button


4 months ago

While we browse the internet every day, there's one thing many of us tend to forget: to clear the browsing history and the cache regularly. Clearing the cache and the browsing history […]


Verizon kills email accounts of archivists trying to save Yahoo Groups history


4 months ago

Verizon says the archivists it has blocked breached its terms of service.


Windows Updates History Viewer released by Nirsoft


5 months ago

Windows Updates History Viewer (WinUpdatesView) is a new software program by Nirsoft that displays the Windows updates history on the device it is run on. As is the case with all Nirsoft […]


Search for webpages in your history and bookmarks efficiently with the Memex extension for Firefox and Chrome


5 months ago

Memex is an interesting web browser add-on that is designed specifically for powerusers. Before you ask, no it's not a meme generator. It is a Vannevar Bush inspired bookmarking/local search engine of […]


A History of (Computer) Violence: Wait. Before you whack it again, try caressing the mouse


6 months ago

On Call Ever been tempted to administer a jolly good thrashing to Windows?


How to get your YouTube History deleted automatically


6 months ago

The video streaming site YouTube keeps track of every video that a user watches on the site and every search that is made. It uses the information for its recommendation engine that […]


How to clear and disable the YouTube Watch and Search history


6 months ago

The video streaming site YouTube keeps track of your activity on the site. If you are signed in to an account, it keeps a record of all videos that you watched, all […]


The biggest events in Linux's history


7 months ago

A year by year summary of the most significant events in Linux's history to date.


How to enable Clipboard History in Windows 10 and customize it


8 months ago

Windows 10 has a ton of features baked into the OS; one such feature is the Clipboard History which some find mighty useful, others not so much. It has been around for […]