US hands UK 'dossier' on Huawei: Really! Still using their kit? That's just... one... step... beyond

6 days ago

American security officials fly to London to 'brief' Boris


MI5 gros fromage: Nah, US won't go Huawei from dear old Blighty over 5G, no matter what we do

a week ago decision to use Chinese biz or not due in a week or two, maybe, perhaps... sort of


Emirati 'surveillance app' ToTok promoted by Huawei as Apple punts it from store

4 weeks ago

Yes, people of UAE. That free govt-approved VoIP app that replaced all the banned encrypted chat apps


Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report

a month ago

Hot mic snafu reportedly caught by TV station


Huawei with your rural subsidies ban: Chinese comms bogeyman fires sueball at US regulator

2 months ago

Claims it's unconstitutional


Not to Nokia, but someone's seeking a third Huawei: Openreach hunts supplier number 3 for UK's FTTP network

2 months ago

Did somebody say strategic diversification?


Microsoft finds Huawei to get Chinese biz back on its sales ledger: US permits Redmond software supply line

2 months ago

But doesn't stop Commerce Secretary saying he's still 'frightened' of Chinese tech biz


You'll never get Huawei with this, FCC tells US telcos: Buy Chinese kit and you won't see another dime from us

2 months ago

Regulator will cut providers from Universal Service Fund dollars


Huawei opens AI lab in Singapore

2 months ago

Running on a 5G network, the Chinese tech giant's lab offers a testbed for artificial intelligence development projects, which includes use of its cloud and ModelArts AI platforms.


American telcos get 90 days to wrap up deals with, er, dangerous Chinese supplier – that's Huawei the news goes

2 months ago

US Department of Commerce relents-ish on blockade plans


We can go our own Huawei! Arm says it can flog chip blueprints to Chinese giant despite US trade embargo

3 months ago

It's yes-way, Huawei for at least another generation


We can go our own Huawei! Arm says it can flog chip blueprints to Chinese giant despite US trade embargo

3 months ago

It's yes-way, Huawei for at least another generation


Ow-wei, says Huawei as Chinese giant admits US sanctions smacked it right in the phone biz

3 months ago

Missing Google already?


A funny thing happened on Huawei to the bank. We made even more money. Hahaha. Here till Friday

3 months ago

There's gold in them thar 5G networks for comms slinger


Europe publishes 5G risk assessment; America scrawls ‘Huawei’ on the side of a nuke and goes for a ride

3 months ago

There’s nothing like reasoned policy debate. This is nothing like reasoned policy debate


No Huawei: Micron hit by oversupply, US-China trade issues as DRAM sales sliced in half

4 months ago

But says customers at last chowing through memory stockpile


US lobby group calls for open standards to fight Huawei 'threat'

4 months ago

There's an 'undeclared war' going on


Why worry about cost of banning certain Chinese comms providers? Fire Huawei, says analyst

4 months ago

Rip and replace only $3.5bn! Won't slow 5G rollout either


Huawei thanks Uncle Sam for returning its seized comms kit ... two years later, ya jerks

4 months ago

Guess we'll drop that lawsuit now then


There's no getting Huawei from 5G – Chinese giant joins Qualcomm, Samsung in bunging high-speed comms in mobe brains

5 months ago

IFA 2019 Integration may lead to more smartphones with faster cellular broadband (networks permitting)