Here's a bit of Intel for you: Neri a day goes by that HPE doesn't feel CPU shortage pinch

5 days ago

Not just server pain, PCs too, says new CEO


Never break the (supply) chain: Intel pitches 'full lifecycle' chip-tracking programme to partners

a week ago

Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise


We're so, so, sorry you're not able to get PC chips, says Intel to everyone who hasn't gone with AMD yet

3 weeks ago

Epyc apology, Chipzilla


Intel end-of-lifing BIOS and driver downloads for dusty hardware

4 weeks ago

You have four days left to nab what you need


Intel started to remove old downloads from its Download Center

4 weeks ago

If you are using devices with Intel hardware, you may want to head over to the company's download center website right now to download drivers and other files for that hardware before […]


A bridge over troubled water: Intel teases Ponte Vecchio, the GPU brains in US govt's 1-exaFLOPS Aurora supercomputer

4 weeks ago

SC19 If at first you don't succeed, Phi Phi again


True to its name, Intel CPU flaw ZombieLoad comes shuffling back with new variant

4 weeks ago

Boffins say even latest chips can be twisted into leaking data between processor cores


Don't miss this patch: Bad Intel drivers give hackers a backdoor to the Windows kernel

4 weeks ago

Alarm raised over more holes in third-party low-level code


Intel insists Xeon vs Epyc benchmark fight was fair, amends speed test claims anyway

a month ago

Chipzilla says it didn't intentionally mislead anyone


Running on Intel? If you want security, disable hyper-threading, says Linux kernel maintainer

2 months ago

Speculative execution bugs will be with us for a very long time


AMD sees Ryzen PCs sold with its CPUs in Europe as Intel shortages persist

2 months ago

Inside 629k machines, up from 355k last year


Intel heralds record third quarter – despite being unable to meet customer demand for new chips

2 months ago

And tears wraps off yet another alleged Arm killer: this time, low-power x86 Tremont cores


Fed up of playing Whac-A-Mole with network of SoftBank-owned patent holders, Intel hits court

2 months ago

Chipzilla invokes Sherman and Clayton Acts in attempt to have contracts declared void


Intel Graphics Drivers for Windows 10 1909 released and here's what's new

2 months ago

Intel updated its Graphics Driver for Windows this week; it is the first driver that is officially compatible with Microsoft's soon-to-be-released Windows 10 version 1909 that is expected to be released in […]


UK govt snubs Intel, seeks second-gen AMD Epyc processors for 28PFLOPS Archer2 supercomputer

2 months ago

HPE's Cray hits 80-million-quid target to build boffinry beast


Introducing Intel Optane Persistent Memory – the new foundation for data-centre performance

3 months ago

Sponsored Meet the chip tech that holds more than DRAM, is faster that flash and hard disks


Intel unveils gen 2 Optane SCM, bellows: You Barlow Pass, as it unfurls roadmap

3 months ago

Plus: 144-layer NAND coming in 2020... and a consumer-level QLC flash drive


We've secured our CPU silicon, and ready to secure your business, says post-Meltdown Intel

3 months ago

Sponsored Security stepped up after academics and hackers step up their bug-hunting game


Windows on Arm keeps low profile at IFA as Intel takes swipe at platform's compatibility problems

3 months ago

IFA 2019 Still, Chipzilla's almost everywhere when it comes to Microsoft devices


The NetCAT is out of the bag: Intel chipset exploited to sniff SSH passwords as they're typed over the network

3 months ago

Video Cunning data-snooping side-channel technique is tough to exploit, Chipzilla warns