Intel, IBM, Google, Microsoft & others join new security-focused industry group

3 days ago

New Confidential Computing Consortium will promote the use of TEEs (trusted execution environments).


IBM, Intel tease 2020's specialist chips: Power9 'bandwidth beast' – and Spring Crest Nervana neural-net processor

4 days ago

Hot Chips Plus, Cerebras hypes up AI-focused '400,000-core die the size of an iPad'


Xilinx FPGA. Nvidia GPU storage. 56-core Intel Xeons versus AMD next-gen Epyc. It's all kicking off in data-center world

2 weeks ago

Roundup Your quick summary of news from the server room


Bored of laptops? Love 200Gb/s interconnects? Then you're going to hate today's Intel news

3 weeks ago

Chipzilla teases actual proper working 10nm notebook CPUs as Omni-Path 2 quietly dies


Intel, Baidu sign 3-year deal to collaborate in cloud, AI, 5G

3 weeks ago

The agreement revolves around Intel optimizing its platforms and products for Baidu's core business areas.


AWS still a cash machine for Bezos, Intel is down a 5G modem biz, and Google is on Tulsi Gabbard's bad side

4 weeks ago

Mega-financial-o-gasm Here's a round-up from a bumper day of earnings


Checkmate, Qualcomm: Apple in billion-dollar bid to gobble Intel’s 5G modem blueprints, staff – new claim

a month ago

Logical step for the biz that wants to own its supply chain


Who's been copying AMD's homework? Intel lifts the lid on its hip chip packaging to break up chips into chiplets

a month ago

Interconnects, never sexy but very useful for Chipzilla's plans


Time to Ryzen shine, Intel: AMD has started shipping 7nm desktop CPUs like it's no big deal

2 months ago


You know what's besides the XPoint, Intel? Somebody else's storage-class memory – SK Hynix

2 months ago

Another vendor mounts the crossbars


Custom chip vendor Barefoot Networks dips its toes in the water, Intel takes the whole schmear

2 months ago

Chipzilla smacks lips with eyes fixed on the cloud biz


Intel makes its Unite collaboration software available as a cloud service

2 months ago

Unite allows remote and on-site users to log in to meetings and share documents and is designed to work with major unified communication services like Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx and Zoom.


HP boss: Intel shortages are steering our suited customers to buy AMD

3 months ago


Windows 10 security: Microsoft issues Intel microcode updates against MDS attacks

3 months ago

Microsoft releases standalone updates containing Intel microcode mitigations for recently disclosed MDS attacks.


Dual carriageway to autobahn: Intel revs up Optane caching memory by doubling PCIe lanes

3 months ago

Deep-sleep state sips less juice, but active state slurps more


When two tribes go to war... Intel, AMD tease new chips at Computex: Your spin-free summary

3 months ago

2nd-gen Epyc, 3rd-gen Ryzen 7 and 9 processors, Navi GPUs, Intel 10nm CPUs, etc


Bring it on, Chipzilla! Nvidia swipes back at Intel in CPU-GPU AI performance brouhaha

3 months ago

Dodgy numbers, new kit verses old... neither side comes out well


Intel budges Samsung out of its seat at the top of silicon-slinger league

3 months ago

As most chip suppliers take a hit on sales


Microsoft Touts Using HyperClear To Address Intel Processor Woes

3 months ago

Microsoft is again promoting its HyperClear Hyper-V hypervisor technology as a potential balm for organizations trying to come to grips with Intel's latest speculative execution side-channel attack disclosures. 05/15/2019