Heads up from Internet of S*!# land: Best Buy's Insignia 'smart' home gear will become very dumb this Wednesday

2 weeks ago

Alexa! Turn off my lights. Alexa! Alexa? Oh FFS


You're ARIN a laugh: Critical internet org accused of undercutting security over legal fears

3 weeks ago

Analysis America's regional internet registry slammed by critics, snubbed by ISPs


Play local multiplayer games on Steam over the Internet with Remote Play Together

4 weeks ago

Remote Play Together is a new feature of the Steam gaming client that unlocks capabilities to play local multiplayer games with friends over the Internet. Valve Software launched Remote Play Together in […]


Internet Archive's Wayback Machine gets Compare and Collections features

4 weeks ago

The Internet Archive launched several new (beta) features to the site's Wayback Machine recently that bring compare, better save to archive and collections features to the site. The site's Wayback Machine powers […]


Back to Basics: How to block Windows programs from accessing the internet

a month ago

Today, in our Windows 10 beginner's guide series, we'll be looking at how to block Windows programs from accessing the internet. Tip: check out some of the previous parts of the series, […]


Internet Archive adds 2500 playable DOS games to the archive

a month ago

The Internet Archive is one of our favorite spots on the Internet, and that is not only because of its excellent wayback machine to access changed or deleted webpages and sites, but […]


China and Russia join to battle 'illegal internet content,' which means what you fear it does

a month ago

Authoritarian regimes continue wrestling internet back into box


How Internet Folklore Works

2 months ago

Read more for How Internet Folklore Works


TAG, you're s*!t: Internet advertising industry bods admit self-policing approach is a sham

2 months ago

Special report Meanwhile: Trustworthy Accountability Group CEO dismisses ax-grinding critics


Nine words to ruin your Monday: Emergency Internet Explorer patch amid in-the-wild attacks

2 months ago

Update browser ASAP after Google gurus spot miscreants abusing bug to hijack PCs


Microsoft releases emergency Internet Explorer security update

2 months ago

Microsoft released an out-of-band emergency security update for Internet Explorer on September 23, 2019 for all supported versions of Windows. The emergency update is only available on the Microsoft Update Catalog website […]


What is devicecensus.exe on Windows 10 and why does it need Internet connectivity?

2 months ago

If you are using a firewall on your Windows 10 PCs and have configured the protective layer to inform you about new processes that try to establish outbound connections, you may have […]


Scotiabank slammed for 'muppet-grade security' after internal source code and credentials spill onto open internet

2 months ago

Exclusive Blueprints for mobile apps, databases exposed in public GitHub repos


Cloud, internet biz will take a Yellowhammer to the head in 'worst case' no-deal Brexit

2 months ago

Analysis UK govt releases contingency doc and everything thing is [fine/a living nightmare] (delete as appropriate)


Geo-boffins drill into dino-killing asteroid crater, discover extinction involves bad smells, chilly weather, no broadband internet...

2 months ago

Sounds like normal life in the Shetland Islands


China top internet firms pump 45% more into R&D

3 months ago

Led by Alibaba, China's top 100 internet companies invested 153.87 billion yuan (US$21.85 billion) in research and development last year, up 45% year-on-year and accounting for 10% of their overall revenue.


Mind your MANRS: Internet Society names and shames network operators that bungle their routing security

3 months ago

Peer-to-peer networks meet peer pressure


Cloudflare punts far-right hate hole 8chan off the internet after 30 slayed in US mass shootings

4 months ago

Image board cesspit will be back in one way or another


Only Microsoft Edge Enterprise will support Internet Explorer Mode

4 months ago

Work on the Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge continues. Microsoft has published beta versions of the upcoming web browser for various operating systems up until now. The company uses the same classifications […]