Apple updates iPad Pro with a trackpad, faster processor. Is it a real computer now?


3 weeks ago

Ooh, check us out rivals, we've got a 'keyboard'.. well, not a real one. It's Magic, OK?


Ever wondered what Microsoft really thought about the iPad? Ex-Windows boss spills beans


2 months ago

'Magical,' says Steven Sinofsky on 10th birthday of Apple's fondleslab


Teachers: Make your pupils' parents buy them an iPad to use at school. Oh and did you pack sunglasses for the Apple-funded jolly?


5 months ago

iGiant paid for Irish educators to attend events abroad – report


Adobe's Creative Cloud roadmap runs through Apple's iPad: Everything announced at Adobe Max


5 months ago

Adobe Illustrator is coming to the iPad, and Adobe is also eyeing Microsoft's Surface. At Adobe Max, the company launched a series of Creative Cloud updates to improve performance, leverage AI, and bolster collaboration. There's even a TikTok partnership.


What is this, 2016? A rummage around in 7th-gen iPad innards shows repurposed tech within


6 months ago

Bigger case means we can use even more glue!


Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker


7 months ago

Flagship smartmobe aimed squarely at the selfie generation


Forget MacOS: The iPad is now Apple's mobile computing future


10 months ago

The Mac and MacOS are not going to die, but for the balance of its customers, Apple has very clearly has chosen its successor.


Apple kills iTunes, preps pricey Mac Pro, gives iPad its own OS – plus: That $999 monitor stand


10 months ago


iPad Pro, Google Pixel C, Microsoft Surface: which should you get?


12 months ago

Google revealed the Pixel C Chromebook yesterday and Apple the iPad Pro earlier this month. Both devices are designed to add productivity features to tablets running Android and iOS, for instance by […]

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The Surface Pro 3 is not an iPad competitor


12 months ago

So Microsoft revealed the third generation Surface Pro 3 yesterday. Many sites have already live blogged about it or at least published hands-on reviews about it, which is why I do not […]


The Full HD PC vs iPad Rant


12 months ago

Argh!  Apple yesterday unveiled the new iPad, and it's lovely with lots of fantastic new hardware including a full 'retina display'.  This will give the new iPad a display resolution of a […]


How to Get an iPad or iPhone out of Recovery Mode


12 months ago

iOS devices are a wonder. This article is being typed on one right now. Sometimes, however, these robust and snappy little things go “boink.” One of the more common issues a user […]


BBC Release Worldwide iPad iPlayer App


12 months ago

In one of the most eagerly awaited broadcasting moves of the year, the BBC have now released their iPlayer app for Apple's iPad.  The app is supported in 11 countries and will […]


iPad Passes 1% of all Browsing, Can Apple's Rise Ever be Halted?


12 months ago

The iPad's rise and rise has now surpassed 1% of all web browsing, according to figures released by NetMarketShare. While Internet Explorer, in its various guises, has dropped again in market share to […]


BBC iPlayer worldwide rollout begins with iPad


12 months ago

The international launch of the BBC's iPlayer service, one of if not the finest example of an IPTV service, has been eagerly awaited now and has been expected for a couple of […]


iPad 2 Features Leak


12 months ago

Update: Apple in the meantime released new versions of the iPad. At the time of writing this update, 4th generation iPads are available including an iPad Mini. Suggested features for the iPad […]


iOS 4.2 arrives as the iPad gets multi-tasking


12 months ago

The latest version of Apple's iOS operating system has been released today and it brings with it several welcome enhancements, not the least of which is multi-tasking for the iPad, iPhone (3G, […]


iPad halves laptop sales


12 months ago

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn has said that the iPad has halved sales of laptops at the popular store in an interview with the Wall St Journal.  As a result shoppers at […]


iPhone / iPad Security Flaw Risk


12 months ago

Hackers have moved in the last few years away from attacking platforms such as Windows, and instead on to attacking software.  This is in a large part because the security of operating […]


Apple profits up on iPad and iPhone 4


12 months ago

Apple profits leapt past expectations for the three months to June 26th on the back of the iPad and iPhone 4 launches. The company's income was $3.25bn (£2.1bn) for the period, up […]