What happens when the maintainer of a JS library downloaded 26m times a week goes to prison for killing someone with a motorcycle? Core-js just found out

2 weeks ago

What will be the fate of an open-source project relied upon by so many?


Internet Archive opens National Emergency Library with unlimited lending of 1.4m books for stuck-at-home netizens amid virus pandemic

2 weeks ago

Global crisis necessitates extreme copyright flexibility, educators insist


Microsoft's GitHub absorbs NPM into its code-hosting empire: JavaScript library vault used by 12 million devs now under Redmond's roof

3 weeks ago

Developers! Developers! Developers! And all their infrastructure!


NBD: A popular HTTP-fetching npm code library used by 48,000 other modules retires, no more updates coming

2 months ago

Downloaded 17m times a week, now coders should consider an alternative


FUSE for macOS: Why a popular open source library became closed source and commercially licensed

4 months ago

Interview Maintainer: 'Most companies were reluctant to support the project their product depends on because it is available for free'


New Amazon Builders’ Library: This Is ‘Not Taught At School’

4 months ago

by Donna Goodison I hope that thishelps you build distributed systems at the same scale and the same reliability as Amazon and AWS, Amazon chief technology officer Werner Vogels says.


Netflix: Our Metaflow Python library for faster data science is now open source

4 months ago

Netflix's Metaflow Python tool helps data scientists deploy machine-learning models to production faster.


Metatogger is a great way to manage your music library

7 months ago

A properly categorized music library is important for music lovers who listen to music on their electronic devices. The best way to manage your collection is by tagging your songs and albums […]


How an AI archive platform is helping a Victorian library keep up with data

7 months ago

A proof of concept has been built to remove the need to manually archive catalogues -- a process that has been used for over the last 20 years.