Join us live online today: Find out how to store and manage data in the hybrid-cloud era to boost your business

2 weeks ago

Insight and security in a complex environment? Let NetApp guide you with help from Freeform Dynamics


BrowserDownloadsView: manage downloads in all desktop browsers

3 weeks ago

BrowserDownloadsView is a new portable software program by Nirsoft (one of our favorite developers). The program, like many programs by Nirsoft, provides a list view of data; in this case, it retrieves […]


Top ways to manage cloud complexity

2 months ago

Tonya Hall speak with David Linthicum, chief cloud strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting, to learn exactly what cloud complexity is, the threats surrounding it, and what companies can do to implement best cloud complexity practices.


Microsoft wants to manage your meeting rooms

3 months ago

Microsoft is continuing to forge ahead with its mission of making meetings better with a new white-glove meeting-room management service, as well as more new features in its Teams collaboration platform.


Manage your Todo.txt with Thunderbird using this extension

3 months ago

Remember our article about Todo.Txt? We told you how easy and efficient it is to create your very own cross platform task management and reminder file system. The beauty of the system […]


Metatogger is a great way to manage your music library

4 months ago

A properly categorized music library is important for music lovers who listen to music on their electronic devices. The best way to manage your collection is by tagging your songs and albums […]


Manage Speculative Execution Settings Script for Windows

6 months ago

Manage Speculative Execution Settings Script is a batch file for Microsoft Windows devices to check and manage the Speculative Execution Protection status on the system. Speculative Execution side-channel attacks are a new […]