Price of NAND memory chips projected to rise up to 40%

2 days ago

SSD drives could become very expensive this year if one projection is accurate.


Free Firefox and Chrome memory with Auto Tab Discard

2 months ago

Auto Tab Discard is an add-on for the Firefox and Chrome web browsers that frees up memory that the web browsers uses by discarding inactive tabs. Discarding in this context means that […]


Is that twitch in sales the memory market coming back to life? SK Hynix would like to think so

3 months ago

Revenue up 6% on the quarter ... down 40% on a year ago


Google is testing memory reducing Tab Freeze functionality in Chrome

3 months ago

Google is testing a new memory reducing feature in the company's Chrome web browser currently that freezes background tabs to reduce memory consumption of the web browser. Chrome is the most popular […]


Introducing Intel Optane Persistent Memory – the new foundation for data-centre performance

4 months ago

Sponsored Meet the chip tech that holds more than DRAM, is faster that flash and hard disks


Oracle OpenWorld postmortem: Exadata meets persistent memory

4 months ago

Oracle is now planting its stake with persistent memory, a development that could redesign how it designs transactional databases. And after all the hype, there’s now real production experience with the Autonomous Database. So, how has that affected DBAs, and what would make the Autonomous Database attractive to the core of Oracle’s customer base?


Toshiba Memory Holding Corp slurps Taiwanese firm LITE-ON's SSD biz

5 months ago

What will $165m buy? Brands, ops, workers, IP, channel stocks and OEM deals