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Reliance Jio and Microsoft sign 10-year cloud agreement

a month ago

Jio plans to deploy Microsoft Azure in its data centres, connectivity infrastructure, and use it to develop cloud-based business solutions.


How to use the first page as the icon for Microsoft Office documents

a month ago

Microsoft Office documents that you save on your computer or device use the same generic icon by default. The only distinguishing factors are the filename and the location of the document because […]


It's heads you win, tails you lose as Microsoft introduces CoinFlip™ for Windows 10

a month ago


Microsoft Partners, Responding To Competitors’ Complaints Of New License Transfer Policy, Say All's Fair In Cloud Wars

a month ago

by Joseph Tsidulko Amazon and Google execs have derided an updated policy closing a loophole for transferring on-prem Microsoft Windows and SQL licenses to cloud providers. Microsoft partners see hypocrisy in their complaints and encourage the software giant to continue leveraging its competitive advantage


Microsoft is phasing out the Basic edition of Azure Active Directory

a month ago

Microsoft is looking to simplify its Azure Active Directory plan line-up by cutting the Basic edition.


For Windows Server 2008 Stragglers, Microsoft Dangles Extended Security Updates

a month ago

To entice businesses still using Windows Server 2008 into migrating to its cloud, Microsoft is offering a big carrot: Extended Security Updates (ESU) plans at no cost. 08/08/2019


Microsoft removes Office 2019 from its Home Use Program benefits

a month ago

Microsoft has updated its Office Home Use Program by removing the previous benefit of steeply discounted copies of non-subscription Office for use at home by enterprise customers.


Windows 10 security: Microsoft dismissed RDP flaw until it saw Hyper-V was affected

a month ago

Microsoft details a nasty and apparently completely unexpected side-effect of using RDP in its Hyper-V virtualization software.


Microsoft Licensing Change Triggers Hyper-Scale Feud

a month ago

by Joseph Tsidulko Google Cloud President says the new restriction on transferring on-prem Windows and SQL Server licenses to single-tenant cloud services reminds of Microsoft's "greatest hits from the 90s". And Amazon's CTO calls it a bait-and-switch to force MS use.


Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's personal MiG-29 fighter jet goes under the hammer

a month ago


Microsoft introduces Caret Browsing feature in Chromium Edge

a month ago

Work on the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser continues and Microsoft adds new features to preview versions of the browser on a weekly basis. The latest build introduces Caret Browsing, an accessibility feature, […]


Microsoft contractors are listening to some Skype translation calls: Report

a month ago

Microsoft is using humans to listen to some Skype Translator and Cortana conversations, according to a new report.


Microsoft follows up those licensing hikes by snipping away costs for Azure Archive Storage

a month ago

Amazon CTO not happy. Isn't it ironic... don't you think?


Microsoft and Informatica make coordinated data warehouse migration move

a month ago

Data gravity and cloud war victory are intricately tied, and Microsoft's on the offense. In a tie-up with Informatica, Redmond's going after customers of on-premises data warehouse appliances. And on its own, it's building out its data lake infrastructure in a detailed fashion.


Microsoft disables VBScript by default

a month ago

Microsoft announced plans in 2017 to disable VBScript in Internet Explorer 11; the company deprecated the feature but kept it alive for certain environments back then to give organizations enough time to […]


Microsoft adds Azure Dedicated Host option for running VMs on single-tenant servers

a month ago

Azure Dedicated Host, now in preview, is aimed at those with compliance requirements around physical security, integrity and monitoring. Will it cost you more? It depends.


Microsoft Previews Azure Dedicated Host Service for Single-Tenant Users

a month ago

Microsoft has announced a preview of a new service that gives organizations access to unshared or "dedicated" Azure hardware infrastructure for hosting their workloads on Azure virtual machines. 08/01/2019


Microsoft Claims Azure SQL Database Now Offers 'Highest' Service-Level Agreement

a month ago

Microsoft recently published a new version of its service-level agreement (SLA) for Azure SQL Database, adding uptime perks for organizations that use the "Business Critical" tier. 08/01/2019