Adobe Scan is a free mobile scanner and OCR tool

5 days ago

Adobe Scan is a free application for Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems that supports scanning any document using the device's built-in cameras. Apart from that, it is also capable of […]


2 more degrees and it's lights out: Mercedes-Benz Grand Prix's toasty mobile bit barn

2 weeks ago

Techies at the ready with buckets


'Tis the season to be wobbly: HSBC online and mobile banking services suffer not one but two major outages in 12 hours

4 weeks ago

Luckily, it's not the night before Christmas. Actually, it's worse


Huawei's P40 and P40 Pro handsets will not ship with Google Mobile Services, Richard Yu confirms

4 weeks ago

Will run Android 10, but sans Choc Fac apps


Poor, poor mobile networks. UK's comms watchdog plans to stop 'em selling locked-down handsets

a month ago

First OTT apps nick their SMS revenue, now this...


Co-op Bank online and mobile banking goes TITSUP*

a month ago

*Total Inability To Shuffle money Using Phone


Share Clipboard content between desktop and mobile Chrome versions

a month ago

Google continues its work on integrating cross-platform features in the company's Chrome browser. Users of the web browser may use the browser's "send to" functionality already to push webpages to other devices […]


Salesforce launches new Salesforce Mobile App, Trailhead GO with Apple, exclusive iOS, iPadOS features

2 months ago

The Apple-Salesforce effort, which was announced at Dreamforce, rhymes with other partnerships with enterprise software vendors and the iPhone maker.


Congress to FCC: Where’s the damn report on mobile companies selling location data?

2 months ago

Energy and Commerce Committee Democrats not happy with Ajit Pai


Virgin Media dumps BT's mobile network to hop into bed with Vodafone

2 months ago

Updated Latest in the great will-they-won't-they corporate love story


Belgian city slurps mobile data to track visitors

3 months ago

Updated Local regulator says it hasn't approved scheme. Meanwhile, Spain up to similar tricks


Mobile operators to be stung for 10% of annual turnover if coverage falls short, digital sec warns

3 months ago

Meanwhile, Nicky Morgan hints at imminent decision on Huawei in UK's 5G infrastructure


Mobile operators say they'll go halfsies with on £1bn network to bring 4G to rural folk

3 months ago

Coverage in the back of beyond


Mayor of London wants mobile providers to stick more network kit across Big Smoke's rooftops

4 months ago

But are landlords going to care about a template agreement?


Three UK slammed for 'ripping off' loyal mobile customers by £32.4m per year

4 months ago

Operator refusing to apply automatic discounts next year


Phone home: Indie Chromium browser Vivaldi goes mobile

4 months ago

Hands On Desktop browser fans – and Vulture Central – get an Android client to play with


Vivaldi releases Vivaldi mobile browser for Android

4 months ago

Vivaldi Technologies released a first public version of the long awaited mobile version of the Vivaldi browser for Google's Android operating system today. The mobile version of the Vivaldi Browser is released […]


My Experience with the mobile version of Brave on Android

4 months ago

I don't use Google Chrome on Android; while the browser offers good compatibility and performance, its lack of support for extensions and thus content-blocking is what puts me off. I don't mind […]


The purple SIM of fail: Virgin Mobile punters left in the dark with batch of borked cards

5 months ago

S'OK though, network promises to fix 'as quickly as possible'

VirginMobilePunters Huge mobile masts coming to a grassy hill near you soon

5 months ago

Bad news for Nimbys and 5G health cranks, good news for 4G