Phone home: Indie Chromium browser Vivaldi goes mobile

5 days ago

Hands On Desktop browser fans – and Vulture Central – get an Android client to play with


Vivaldi releases Vivaldi mobile browser for Android

7 days ago

Vivaldi Technologies released a first public version of the long awaited mobile version of the Vivaldi browser for Google's Android operating system today. The mobile version of the Vivaldi Browser is released […]


My Experience with the mobile version of Brave on Android

a week ago

I don't use Google Chrome on Android; while the browser offers good compatibility and performance, its lack of support for extensions and thus content-blocking is what puts me off. I don't mind […]


The purple SIM of fail: Virgin Mobile punters left in the dark with batch of borked cards

2 weeks ago

S'OK though, network promises to fix 'as quickly as possible'

VirginMobilePunters Huge mobile masts coming to a grassy hill near you soon

3 weeks ago

Bad news for Nimbys and 5G health cranks, good news for 4G


Just one in five UK constituencies receive 4G from all four mobile operators – research

a month ago

National roaming still not a thing


Dutch cheesed off at Microsoft, call for Rexit from Office Online, Mobile apps over Redmond data slurping

2 months ago

Cloggies less than chilled out over Windows telemetry