Monitoring Hyper-V with Microsoft's Best Practices Analyzer

a week ago

Natively integrated into Windows Server, the Best Practices Analyzer is a key tool for assessing how much (or how little) your Hyper-V configurations align with Microsoft's recommendations. 02/13/2020


Desktop Info is a customizable system monitoring widget for Windows

4 weeks ago

Tools like Thilmera7 and the popular Linux app Conky are popular not just because they can monitor the system's components, but also because they're very customizable. Desktop Info is quite comparable to […]


MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe is a free process manager with advanced monitoring options

a month ago

While Windows Task Manager is sufficient for most users, those users who prefer advanced information and more details may use programs like Process Explorer or Process Hacker additionally. MiTec Task Manager DeLuxe […]


AgaueEye is a free hardware monitoring tool that displays an overlay when gaming

2 months ago

If you have watched gaming benchmark videos on YouTube, you may have noticed that there is usually an overlay at the top left corner to display the system's performance. AgaueEye is a […]


Thilmera7 is a free system monitoring tool for Windows

4 months ago

Thilmera7 is a free system monitoring tool for all recent versions of the Windows operating system. It reminds me a bit of Conky, it is extremely light-weight in terms of resource, and […]


CSIRO masters groundwater monitoring with Sensei

4 months ago

Sensei is a multi-sensor system designed for mining operators and water managers to collect data such as pH levels, temperature, and conductivity.