CircleCI automates Continuous Delivery to multiple clouds

2 days ago

Today's companies use CI/CD to speedily deploy software updates, but that last step, from your pipeline to a cloud service, can be tricky. CircleCI has an answer.


Ring of fired: Amazon axes multiple workers who secretly snooped on netizens' surveillance camera footage

2 weeks ago

This Internet of Things in the cloud is working out so well, so, so well, so well


Windows Terminal update introduces support for multiple panes

2 months ago

Microsoft released a new preview version of the upcoming Windows Terminal application that brings the version of the application to 0.7. The new version introduces support for splitting the interface into multiple […]


The state of open source databases in 2019: Multiple Databases, Clouds, and Licenses

4 months ago

An extensive survey shows the attitude of the market towards open source databases, drivers and inhibitors to adoption


Video Combiner: join multiple videos on Windows

4 months ago

Video Combiner is a free portable software program for Microsoft's Windows operating system that you may use to merge multiple videos easily. Windows users have plenty of options when it comes to […]


How to use multiple Microsoft Accounts in the new Microsoft Edge browser

5 months ago

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser that Microsoft is working on currently supports a number of features that the classic Edge browser does not support. One of these is the ability to […]