Y2K quick-fix crick? 1920s come roaring back after mystery blip at UK's vehicle licensing agency

2 weeks ago

Either Brit DVLA bigwigs have a very special DeLorean on the books, or the Y2K20 bug has bitten


USAF spaceplane back on Earth after mystery 2-year jaunt in orbit. Jeepers creepers, what has it been doing up here?

3 months ago

Round Up Happy Halloween, folks!


Jamf emits mystery security fix for Pro macOS, iOS wrangler, keeps admins in dark by censoring chatter

4 months ago

iAdmins steaming over handling of 'critical' patch rollout


Mystery database left open turns out to be at heart of a huge Groupon ticket fraud ring

4 months ago

Updated Yes, turns out people still use this voucher biz – who knew?


Big bang theory: Was mystery explosion over New York caused by a meteor? Dunno. By a military jet? Maybe...

5 months ago

US Space Command launches probe – wait, is that the sound of a black helicopt